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The Summer Studio Yearbook Is Available Now!

“I have never considered myself the least bit creative but exploring the yearbook has changed that big time. It is truly the best thing I have ever done for myself and it brings me more joy than I could ever have dreamt of.” Ulrika Persson

What is the Studio Yearbook? It’s a powerful fill-in-the-blank seasonal journal designed to support your creative practice and awaken your creative spirit. It offers core practices for your days, your weeks, your months and the season too. It is a private place for creative exploration, discovery and growth – and as you fill it, it becomes a reflection of the artist in you!

In your Studio Yearbook, you will tune into the energy of the season…

Learn to identify and focus on what matters to you…


And establish a daily creative practice that includes documenting your day, gathering gratitude and celebrating with gold stars.

And there’s so much more – setting course under the New Moon, creating dreamboards under the Full Moon, a place for creative challenge and for finding sanctuary, supportive video lessons, a live Q&A with me, an encouraging community…. the list goes on!

The Studio Yearbook is a creative adventure!

Let me give you a sneak peek into the Studio Yearbook!

Three years ago, the Studio Yearbook poured out of my heart and into the world. Since then hundreds of creatives have joined me on the journey, discovering more and more each day the magic and beauty that lies within their artistic heart.

“I’m having so much fun writing, drawing, colouring, painting, gluing (is that a word?) with my Studio Yearbook! There are also days I just write, think, write, feel, write, notice, write, fight with life, write, become aware, write etc, etc. … The Studio Yearbook is such a great way to help me see, to be mindful more often, to be ME more often and to make choices that suit me, nurture me, feed me.” Esther Jansen

Folks I’m in my 9th season now with the Studio Yearbook! Jamie says “love what you love” and I love my Studio Yearbook! It’s become an integral part of my days and it’s where I get to create, capture, celebrate and process life! I am grateful to Jamie, who is my favourite creative coach and one of my favourite human beans for sharing this with us! She is awesome, the Yearbook is awesome and a bonus…the community is awesome! Come join us!!! Sundeep Grewall

I hope you’ll join me and an encouraging community of Studio Yearbookers this summer!

If you’re ready to get your Studio Yearbook now or want to find out more…

Click here to order your Print or PDF copy today!

Important Notice: Print edition is only available until Monday, May 11 at 6:00 am EST.

Winter at the Studio!

It’s great to be back and to have a chance to share all of the wonderful things that are coming up in the studio this season, especially Journal Club, Love Letters from Trail Makers, the Studio Forum and the Studio Yearbook! Watch and let the magic of this season begin!

Check out the Academy here. And be sure to sign up for the studio to get word of the Love Letters for Trail Makers offering!

Join me for stART: LIVE today!

Every couple of weeks I film stART: Creating as We Go with my two sisters, Suzie and Shannon. We share our creative projects, from challenges to celebrations, and support each other’s creative lives. To celebrate the wrap of another fun season and transition into the holidays, we thought we’d do a live show! Bring your questions. Bring your celebrations. Bring your creative self. We’re so looking forward to hanging out with you.

Join Shannon, Suzie and Me LIVE
Today : Monday, December 11th
3:30 pm EST

You’ll find us on our YouTube Channel
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Join Me for Planning Day This Thursday!

For years I’ve been designing, re-designing and re-re-designing how to make a plan for my year that was true to my heart, flexible for my soul and supported me in getting things done. With that vision in mind and a constant stream of refinements, along with my sister Shannon, I have finally settled into something that really works.

At the end of each year, we dream, we have fun and we get clear on what we want for the year ahead. Even with our vastly different styles (my plan ends up held lightly in coloured cut-outs on a magnet board and Shannon’s is recorded, tracked and analyzed in Excel) we’ve found a process that fits us both!

I want to share it with you.

Design Your Year Gives You…

  • Dedicated Time. It’s time to stop planning to make a plan and actually make one! Take the time now so you can spend next year living the life you want to live!
  • Structure & Support: You don’t have to figure it out alone! I’ll guide you through a step-by-step process. Whether you attend live or work with the recording, you have access to me if you get stuck or stymied!
  • A Repeatable Design Process: What you learn in the workshop you’ll be able to use again and again. You will leave with a useful new process in your toolkit.
  • Clarified Priorities: A plan built on the wrong foundations is not only doomed for failure but it also hurts! Your design plan will be built on the ground of what’s truly important to you – and the workshop will help you name what that is!
  • A Plan (not a Straightjacket): You’ll leave with an intentional road map for the year ahead, one that keeps you focused and clear without being oppressive.
  • Your Word of the Year: What better time to discover your word of the year than when you’re immersed in the heart and soul of your plans for next year!
  • Peace of Mind: With a plan you have confidence in, you can let your mind rest. Knowing you’re ready to start next year with clarity, you can settle in and be present for the holiday season!

One participant said…

Working with Jamie is always a wonderful experience. Planning Day was all that I hoped for and more. I had time to focus on what is important in my life, celebrate what I accomplished , and begin to think about and plan for the New Year.

When Planning Day was finished I knew that I had a solid plan for how to begin my year but I also knew that my plan was fluid and flexible and that I could easily adjust it as needed. As always Jamie was prepared, fun, and always ready with a thoughtful answer if something didn’t seem to just right for me.

Planning Day is something that I will do from now on. I’m not only ready for next year but I’m excited to see what happens next! Thank you once again, Jamie for a terrific experience.”

Ginny Lennox

The Details

Format: Online webinar. You can participate live from anywhere in the world!
Live Date: Thursday, November 30, 2017
Time: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST
Recording: Can’t make it live? Don’t worry. The recording will be ready for you by the weekend. You can take part whenever you like!
Supplies: I’ve keep it really simple: something to write with, something to write on, post-it notes, a magazine and a physical datebook or calendar (i.e. not digital).

Register Now for Planning Day

Design the Year You Want to Live

Planning Day 2016 Square Badge 300

Registration is $67 USD

Have Questions?

I made a video answering all of the questions that have come in, including more details about supplies and…

How can we plan when life is so chaotic and unpredictable?

What if you’ve never planned before?

What about overwhelm?

Have more questions? Email Me

And here are some questions I have for you…

  • What if next year was the year your ideas took form?
  • What if next year you stepped out of the dark cloud of over-thinking and stepped into a year of purpose with a plan?
  • What if you had a road map for adventure, one that allows for following your nose but also keeps you from getting lost?
  • What if next year end you were able to look back and say, “Holy noodle! Look what I did!!”

Ready to Make a Plan?

Planning Day 2016 Square Badge 300

Registration is $67 USD