Creative Living with Jamie

Jamie talks to creative, independent spirits in order to bring you inspiration, stories and

strategies for bringing creativity to life.

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LOVE this podcast! When you listen to Jamie and her wonderful guests, you’re able to find the inner peace, the inner sacred space in you that KNOWS that we are all artists. It gives me the strength and courage to embrace my creative life! Thanks a million Jamie for being you! A yummy creative podcast, a life changing one!  Manon Lavoie


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Creative Living with Jamie - Courtney Cerruit

Creative Living with Jamie: Courtney Cerruti

June 22, 2017

Maker extraordinaire Courtney Cerruti on creative productivity, finding your own artistic voice and why it’s worthwhile to do things that are scary!

Dar Hosta James on Creative Living with Jamie

Creative Living with Jamie: Dar Hosta James

June 8, 2017

Artist Dar Hosta James shares how she became an accidental artist and cobbled together a rich and diverse creative life.

Oto Kano on Creative LivinOto Kano on Creative Living with Jamieg with Jamie

Creative Living with Jamie: Oto Kano

June 1, 2017

Subscribe in iTunes Creative Living with Jamie (episode 260): Interview with Oto Kano What if you left the shoulds behind in favour of what comes easily? That’s exactly what Oto Kano did when she decided to become an artist.  Step by step, she moved from a life full of shoulds to one that worked with her bipolar instead of … Read more

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