The Magic of Journal Club

Keeping a Journal Will Change Your Life

The first thing I do every morning is… well… honestly, the first thing I do is feed the cats. 

The very next thing I do is write in my journal. This practice is central to my well-being, core to my work and essential to my creativity. Time in my journal always leaves me feeling clear, grounded and ready to go. It’s amazing what the practice of putting pen to page can do.

It’s a simple creative practice. Pen. Paper. Words.

With a powerful result. Awareness. Awakening. Magic.

Starting tomorrow we’ll gather together, light our candles, pull out our pens and connect with our hearts and one another. For one hour a week, you will find inspiration and insight in a cozy sanctuary of encouragement. For one hour a week, you’ll establish a powerful creative practice.

I have always dreamed of being a journaler, and purchased hundreds of lovely journals and never filled their pages. I didn’t really know what to say or how to use the journal. And along came Jamie Ridler Studio’s Journal Club. As I write this, I realize that I feel this experience has been like opening the best gift I have ever been given. Lorna

Can’t be there live? You’ll have the recording in hand by the weekend so you can take your hour whenever it suits you. Every season people who participate via the recording tell me they feel connected and a part of the community.

Even when I haven’t been able to attend live, I can always feel the energy and it allows me to step into tender places. Thank you for creating and holding this space, Jamie. You bring an intimacy to the online experience that makes me feel like I’m literally in the studio with you and these amazing group of women. It’s magic! Kim

And this community is something special. No doubt about it. Every season people remark on the kind, encouraging souls that show up to this circle.

Journal Club is the most supportive and creative community of women that you never knew how much you needed and soon realize you cannot live fully without. Brittany

One of the unique things about Journal Club is that we take a traditionally solitary activity and do it as a group. One of the practical benefits of this is it helps establish your practice. Having a particular place, time and reason to show up makes it far more likely you will journal. One of the magical benefits is that you have the opportunity to share discoveries, to name and claim insights, plans and dreams that come up as you write. With each articulation, every new thought becomes more real. Your inner wisdom seeps into your bones.

It’s a safe space for me to show up to the page and in life and explore my dreams, desires, and dragons. My journaling (and writing) practice has cracked wide open and I’ve explored mediums I never thought I would with a sense of wonder and empowerment. Laura

So, today I want to invite you into this magical circle. I want to encourage you to take up your pen and get ready for discovery. I want to welcome you to Journal Club.

There’s a space with your name on it.

Will you join me?

We start tomorrow.

Register here.

When I first read about Journal Club I couldn’t imagine what that would be like, sitting in front of a computer with a journal by my side… and with journaling being something quite private, why would I do that together with others? Little did I know that I would be forever grateful I spontaneously decided to give it a try! Not only did I find a routine for journaling, but I also found a wonderful group of like-minded women, I can’t wait to meet for that one hour a week! Journal Club is where we write and share thoughts, ideas, laughter and sometimes tears, all under the inspiring guidance of Jamie and the wonderful support of her sister Shannon. And yes, it’s as private as everyone wants it to be and as open and welcoming, too. Thank you so much for this wonderful offering, Jamie! I wouldn’t want to miss one session of it! Rosie 

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