I Believe in You

Throw Kindness like Confetti

I believe in you.

It’s something we don’t hear often enough, something that so many of us long to hear.

When was the last time you heard those words?

When was the last time you said them?
There is power in these four simple words: I believe in you. We all want to hear them, to receive them, to let them sink into our hearts.
But it’s rare and it’s vulnerable.

It’s vulnerable for me to say them to you. Maybe you’ll think I’m being disingenuous. But the truth is I mean it.

Here’s the thing: I have never met a person who was unworthy of believing in.

When you get down underneath the normal, everyday self, the self that is full of hurts and habits, the social self, the presentational self, and you get into the soft and tender bits, the unsullied heart of a human being, inevitably and unquestionably there is someone to believe in.
That belief isn’t that you are going to fulfill my expectations. Who am I to have expectations of you?
That belief isn’t even that you will necessarily fulfill all of your own. (Though you might!)
That belief is that you are a boon to this world. That you are a magnificent constellation of gifts and talents that will light up the world as they are revealed. I believe that you are like a seed ready to burst forth into the most exquisite expression of who you are meant to be.That inside of you is a grand potential to unfurl into an exquisite individual like the world has never seen before. And I believe that “belief in you” is one of the ingredients that will make that happen.

I’m not saying that you need me or anyone else to believe in you in order to fulfill your destiny. You have the capability of growing no matter what.

What I am saying is that each of us grows a little stronger, a little braver, a little shinier when the light of belief shines on us, when we know that somewhere out in the world there is someone who sees the good in us, who is cheering us on.

So, dear reader, I believe in you.

And I encourage you to tell someone out there that you believe in them too. It will make a difference. I promise.

Caturday: On the Couch

Though Scout sometimes keeps Justin and I company when we’re watching a movie, the kittens rarely get up on the couch.

So, of course, when I saw this configuration, I immediately grabbed my camera. (See how Escher has that, “Really? Another picture?” look?)

Suddenly a cat-enticing scent came through the window.

Judging by the bliss on Escher’s face it must have been the cat version of “fresh baked bread.”

He and Shibumi had to investigate.

Scout thought this was a good opportunity for a solo shot.

When nothing materialized at the window, Escher disappeared and Shibumi was disappointed.

Scout, however, seemed quite content to have the whole couch to himself.


The first time we found them on the couch.

Maybe we gave the wrong cat the name Scout! ;)


Creative Living with Jamie: Ivy Newport

Creative Living with Jamie - Ivy Newport\

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Creative Living with Jamie (episode 268): Interview with Ivy Newport

What can help you return to your art after spending time away? Artist Ivy Newport shares how she did just that on her journey to becoming a creative guide.

Ivy is a published artist, art instructor and creative guide. Her online collection of artistic workshops have served thousands of students internationally and she prides herself on giving devoted care and support to her student body.

She spent most of her childhood growing up in Sydney, Australia and received private art education from a well known Australian artist as a young girl of 8 until her family was relocated to America when she was 16. She went on to finish high school in Connecticut and attended the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, receiving her BFA in Illustration.

After graduating she relocated to Austin, Texas where she was employed to create and implement an elaborate art education program at a local Montessori school. Life then took her to New York City, where she was employed by the Whitney Museum of Art working in the President’s office and assisting both the President and the museum’s Trustees. Finally a move to Portland, Oregon led her into the interior design business as a design assistant. A few years later, she owned and operated her own successful Interior Design company.

She left this fast paced role to become a mother to her two girls. While at home, Ivy engrossed herself in creative discovery and began to passionately shoot photography and author a blog. These endeavors ultimately led her to the online creative community – which inspired a fruitful and gratifying career as an Art Instructor – teaching both online and in person. Her domestic and international workshops offer rich and expansive creative experiences, with a focus on personal growth and renewal.

Ivy’s artistic message is to guide others to their creativity and nurture those special gifts in each of us. She strongly believes that every soul is creative and finding ways to express that creativity is paramount to joy and healing.

She has been published in several magazines including, Somerset Apprentice, Somerset Digital Studio, and Artful Blogging.

Connect with Ivy Newport

Website: IvyNewport.com
Facebook: @ivynewportartist
Instagram: @ivynewport
YouTube:  Ivy Newport

Remember, Ivy has generously shared a free class for Creative Living with Jamie Listeners.

Listen in for access to Ivy’s free mixed media class – and a discount!

Shine a Light ~ Spread the Magic

Whether this is the first episode that you’ve listened to or we’ve been hanging out for years, I am so glad that you’re here.  I love knowing that we’re hanging out in your studio, folding your laundry or that we’re hanging out while you’re walking your dog or going to work. Wherever you are and however you listen, I want you to know, I cherish you. And if you cherish this show, if it has been a blessing to your creative life, please spread the magic! Take a moment to leave a positive rating or review on iTunes. Share the podcast with your friends! You really can make a difference by shining a light on the show so that it can be found by other creative hearts just like you.

The New Season Q&A

On Tuesday & Friday mornings I invite you Behind the Scenes at my studio.

Today:  Today I went live to share what’s up at the Studio and in the Academy. We talked about everything from dreamboards to tackling a project you have no idea how to do! (I had planned to be live on YouTube but it wasn’t talking to Zoom so I ended up live on Facebook)

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stART Episode 86: Revivals and New Rhythms

Every couple of weeks I film stART: Creating as We Go with my two sisters, Suzie and Shannon. We share our creative projects, from challenges to celebrations, and support each other’s creative lives. In this episode we chat about art classes, creative projects, breakthroughs and breaks, as well as diving full-on into our creative hearts.

We are, well most of us are, enjoying the cooler temperatures of September and kicking into gear with new projects and endeavours. In this episode we talk about the value of the slow, share a few adventures as well as a few big projects which have come into fruition like Suzie’s Mermaid Jewelry Sale is LIVE and Jamie has officially opened the doors of The Academy for the fall over at Jamie Ridler Studios.

In this episode we mention…

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Nature, Awareness & Choices

On Tuesday & Friday mornings I invite you Behind the Scenes at my studio.

Today:  My early mornings have me paying attention to the world around me. Plus, I’m paying attention to what’s within me as I make a big decision.

Announcement: I will be LIVE on YouTube on Tuesday September 19 at 9:00 am EST to share with you this season in The Studio plus answer any questions you have about classes in The Academy. Subscribe to my channel on YouTube to get a notification when I am live.

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