Ready to bring
your creativity to life
this season?

You’re in
the right place!

Creativity is not simply drawing, painting, dancing, writing (though it is all of those things).

Creativity is the constant powerful unfurling of your spirit.

When you awaken your creative capacity and discover your creative voice, your life comes alive in all sorts of magical ways. Steadily and surely it aligns with the unique beauty of your creative heart.

It starts simply, perhaps with a journal, and as you fuel the fires with creating and courage, you and your artistic spirit are set free!

I’m here for you!

I’ve spent a lifetime on the path of artistic devotion and built a career on helping others answer the call.

If you are here, it’s for a reason.

Your creative spirit is ready for more – more freedom, more joy, more life, more courage, more truth, more art (whichever arts are yours) and much more magic.

Jamie Ridler Studios and this Academy are rich with content and classes to help you bring your creativity to life. Explore the courses below and choose your path. I’m delighted to be on this adventure with you.

An Artistic Life is Rooted in Creative Practice

Whether you are returning to your art(s) after a long period away or are a working professional, a creative practice ensures you have fertile ground in which you and your art can root and grow.

Imagine having a journal that supports your creative process and practice, a journal that not only holds the space for your inspirations and celebrations but that also becomes a beautiful keepsake of your journey as an artist.

The Studio Yearbook brings together creative practices that have been in use at Jamie Ridler Studios for years!

Imagine one place to celebrate the seasons and make a dreamboard under the full moon, one place to gather your gratitude and acknowledge yourself with gold stars, one place to be inspired, to learn, to experiment, to grow – a special place to bring your creativity to life!

“I can’t believe one book fits that much joy in it.” Sundeep Grewal.

The Studio Yearbook
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Step onto the Path of Artistic Devotion

The world gives us a very limited view of art and artists, telling us we can choose only to be a hobbyist or a professional. There is an entire world of committed creatives who are called to a different path: the path of artistic devotion.

This season say a brave and beautiful yes to the creative impulse that lives inside you. Show up to your artistic work with passion, commitment and purpose. Join me in Devotion to finally and fully answer the artistic call.

Imagine what is possible when you embrace the truth: the path of artistic devotion is for you.

This isn’t about taking one more class. You’ve done all the classes (or at least signed up for them) and now you are aching to find your own path, your own voice, your own way but you’re unsure of how to start. In Devotion you will establish a clear vision, create a loving and supportive plan and then you will dive wholeheartedly into a season of making. You will have structure and support to keep you on path. You’ll have creative colleagues and an expert creative coach to lift you up when you falter and to celebrate you when you soar. This is the magic of Devotion.

Imagine what will come of 12 weeks of dedicated creating. Imagine the body of work you will bring to life, the skills you will hone and the confidence you will gain, whatever your medium

 I am amazed at the shift in how I see myself as an artist and how I approach my work; truly, it is transformational for me. Anne Hallcom

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Align Your New Year with Your Artistic Heart

One of our beloved traditions here in the Studio is closing the year with Planning Day, a powerful half-day retreat that will help you bring your new year into alignment with your deep and true desires.

In our yearly Planning Day retreat, you will gather wisdom from the current year and then delve into the heart of your desires for the year ahead. With that renewed clarity, you will learn to transform that vision into plans, setting your sights on clear and present guiding stars that will take you precisely where you want to go.  You will emerge from Planning Day with a powerful compass tuned to the beating of your heart, a compass that will steer you right, even through the wilds and the waves of an unpredictable life.

If you are ready to discover a path and create a plan that is yours and yours alone. I hope you will join me for Planning Day.

Planning Day Retreat
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On-Demand Creative Classes

I know you’re busy. We creatives always are! That’s why each of the classes below is offered on-demand – so you can be inspired, creative and work with your own schedule. And taking a course on your own schedule doesn’t mean you are on your own! You can always email me with any questions or celebrations as you work your way through any of the Creative Living Academy’s on-demand classes.

Create a themed journal unique to you in this self-study course.

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$65 USD

Learn multiple ways of journaling in this popular exploration class!

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$90 USD

The Creative Journaling Bundle

Dive deep and wide into journaling with Junk Journal Journey & a whole range of styles with Journal Sampler!

Bundled Registration
$135 USD

In this 8-lesson class discover the soul symbols unique to your creative heart.
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$105 USD

The Art of the Altar badge

In this 6-lesson course you will create an altar that honours the directions and has resonance unique to you.
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$75 USD

The Art & Soul Bundle!

Nourish your creative spirit with 7 Soul Symbols and The Art of the Altar!

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$160 USD