Jamie Ridler

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“I truly believe that by awakening our creative capacity, we will not only change our lives for the better, but also the world!”

Jamie Ridler

About Jamie…

Jamie Ridler, MA, CPCC, is the creative director of Jamie Ridler Studios, a lively online hub for bringing creativity to life reaching thousands of readers, listeners and viewers each day. 

Named by the Huffington Post as “One of the Top Five Women Podcasters You Must Listen To,” and Enterpreneur.com as host of One of the Top 25 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs, Jamie inspires a passionate creative community, helping them find the courage and confidence to follow their dreams. Jamie’s creativity is fueled by an unwavering enthusiasm for life and a deep affinity to the arts. Her body of work encompasses writing, photography, visual art, theatre and dance. Jamie has an MA in drama (University of Toronto), a certificate in Expressive Arts and is a certified co-active coach.

Jamie Ridler is a creative force!


With Jamie Ridler Studios, Jamie has created a rich online space for all those seeking creative inspiration and support. From classes to content to coaching, all of Jamie’s offerings meet at the powerful intersection of practical and inspirational. At the studio, she creates space and opportunity for each of us to discover, develop and express our creative selves in fresh and powerful ways.


Jamie is a creative luminary who supports and challenges everyone to connect deeply to their creative core.

Jamie is deeply committed to not only her own creative expression and development but also to helping both aspiring and established creatives bring their ideas, inspirations and dreams to life. She knows that the creative road is full of fear, doubt and struggle right alongside joy, play and delight. Through it all, Jamie has a knack for supporting her students, clients and audiences to let their creative light shine brighter all the time.

Over 10 years as a Blogger


In 2006, Jamie started her first blog, Starshyne Productions, in the hopes that it would be a positive structure for her creativity. She’s still going strong over 10 years later! She has led thousands of people around the world in dynamic online activities from weekly Wishcasting to monthly Full Moon Dreamboards to the Next Chapter book club. What started as a fun and inspiring pastime eventually transformed into a full-fledged business, offering content, classes and coaching that help people bring their creativity to life!

a Podcaster

Over 7 years Jamie has produced over 250 episodes of her popular podcast, Creative Living with Jamie. Listeners around the world are drawn to Jamie’s warm approach, her practical strategies for creative living plus inspiring interviews with superstars like Julia Cameron, Brené Brown, Danielle LaPorte and Natalie Goldberg. Her dedication to the podcast is rooted in her desire that each and every creative heart, no matter their artistic medium, no matter their experience level, know that they are not in it alone. This powerful podcast has been recognized by The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and iTunes as a major contributor in its field.

Creative Living with Jamie Podcast

Jamie Ridler - YouTuber

and a YouTuber

On Creative Living TV, Jamie makes it easy for us all to tap into our creative nature by sharing fun, fast and easy lessons on everything from discovering your rhythm to finding inspiration in just one minute. Her popular morning show, Behind the Scenes, airs three times a week and invites you into her personal creative process and the inner workings of the studio. Jamie is an informative and delightful program host with a loyal and enthusiastic audience.

Jamie is a Writer

In addition to writing  over 10 years’ worth of blog posts, Jamie has been published in Desire to Inspire by Christine Mason Miller, The Shero’s Journey by Jennifer Louden, How to be a Morning Goddess by Leonie Dawson and The Delicious Truth about Getting Older by Susannah Conway.

A lifelong and passionate journaler, Jamie is committed to writing that dances in that sweet spot between the personal and the universal. Her goal is to be authentic, encouraging and useful in all her words.

Jamie is a speaker

With her background in performance and extensive experience teaching, Jamie is an engaging workshop leader and an in-demand speaker. She has appeared on dozens of telesummits and presented to entrepreneurial and community-minded organizations such as eWomen Network, Ladies Who Launch and GDay, as well as serving as a role model for Fresh Collective. She regularly presents on creative topics such as journaling, finding your unique voice, dealing with the inner critic, embracing yourself as an artist (even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body) and presenting powerfully, as well as sharing her expertise as a blogger, podcaster, YouTuber and online entrepreneur. She’s been consulted as a guest expert for articles at Psychology Today and Spirituality and Health and as a creative consultant on a film, theatre productions and several blogs. For speaking engagement information, contact jamie@openthedoor.ca.


And a Do-Gooder

On Valentine’s Day 2016, Jamie brought to life a seed that had been sitting in her heart for years, a simple idea that she believed would make a big difference in the lives of girls around the world. Knowing the impact of having a safe and courageous place for yourself, Jamie launched Give a Girl a Journal, an international initiative designed to get journals into the hands of girls. What could be simpler than something to write with and something to write on? What could be more profound?

In the very same year, Jamie went out for a coffee and came home transformed into a loving mama and how-to-love-a-human instructor of three abandoned kittens. The stories and photographs abound!