Join Me for Journal Club!

Grab your journal, a pen and a cuppa and join me for Journal Club!

Do you miss spending time hanging out in cool coffee shops, hanging out with friends and your journals? You know, a little chitchat and connection and then time to actually breathe, relax and write.

No pressure.

No deadlines.

Just time and space to pour whatever is on your mind and in your heart onto the page.


I miss that too and that’s why I’m bringing back Journal Club this season. It’s your time each week to hang out in our online coffee shop with a community of creative hearts.

In Journal Club you’ll get a whole lot of support and just the right amount of structure to actually start and maintain a journal practice. Every week we’ll play with prompts and have time to free write. We’ll doodle too! We’ll also have a chance to chat and get to know one another, which we can continue in our private Mighty Networks group.

Whether you’ve been journaling for decades or this is your very first time, you’re welcome in Journal Club.

This is your time. It’s going to be magic!

The Gifts of Journaling

In all my years as a creative living coach and in the hundreds of interviews I’ve done as the host of the Creative Living with Jamie, the one practice that creatives tell me they return to again and again and again is journaling.

This simple practice of putting pen to page allows us to discover our truth, express our self and hear our own voice.

This simple practice can transform everything.

This simple practice is magic.

Here are 10 Reasons to Journal

Journal to Know:  One of the greatest blessings that we can give ourselves is the gift self-knowledge. All of our decisions, our dreams, our creations come alive when imbued with the power of our true selves. A journal can help us discover, recover and remember exactly who we are.

Journal to Discover: One of the magical properties of journaling is that it reveals to us all sorts of things that we didn’t know we knew. As our hand glides across the page, we begin to hear our own truth expressed in brand new ways. We come face to face with intuitive insights, unexpected ideas and unexpressed dreams. As we discover what lies within, we are able to guide our lives by our inner compass.

Journal to Express: Your journal is a safe place for everything that is within you. It is a place where you are free to fully express the real you without inhibition or second-guessing, without judgment or fear. In your journal you can say, do and be exactly who you are.

Journal to Explore:  Your journal is like your studio. It’s a place where you can explore options, play with possibilities and dance with ideas.  You are free to imagine, envision and invent. Follow inspiration wherever it leads and you never know just where you’ll end up!

Journal to Create: Your journal can be a conduit for creation. Drawings, stories, poetry, songs, designs – all of these things and more can come to life on between the covers of your journal.

Journal to Think: Your journal is the perfect place to work things out, to wrestle with questions and to plot and to plan. Use your journal to think things through, to wonder and to question. It’s the perfect place for brainstorming, for mind-mapping and for all manner of lists. What seems a confusing jumble in our mind can often become clear on the page.

Journal to Remember: Your journal can be a place where you gather the moments of your day, where all the things you want to remember can be lovingly tended and kept. From your to-do list to all of your dreams, from your doodles to your gratitudes, your journal can be a snapshot of this moment in time.

Journal to Ground: A regular practice of journaling allows us to release excess energy, emotional steam and burdens we might not even realize we’re carrying. It allows us to connect with ourselves and remember who we are, giving us ground to stand on and allowing us to release what no longer serves us.

Journal to Be: Your journal is your journal. You can be, say, do anything you want on your pages. There is room for all of you – the brilliant and the blasé, the moody and the motivated, the heartbroken and the enraptured, the grateful and the grandiose. Whoever you are in this very moment, however you are feeling, all you have to do is show up to your journal and be.


2012-11-14 Coffee


Journal Club Gives You…

Dedicated Time: Sometimes it’s hard to take time for ourselves. Joining the club will help draw a line around this time that is especially for you and your journal. Time to think your own thoughts, find your own words, hear your own voice. Time for you.

A Lot of Support:  Journaling is generally a solitary experience. With Journal Club you get your own time to write but you also get the guidance of a creative living coach plus the encouragement of a supportive creative community. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Just Enough Structure: Journal time is your time. No one is going to tell you what you have to write. We’ll have a structure to our time together and I’ll offer prompts to open up the possibilities but you can always, always, use your time in your journal your way. Period.

A Creative Community: In addition to our weekly journal time together but we’ll have our private community space. I know we’re going to have a great time together!


The Details

The Details

Schedule: Journal Club runs for 10 weeks . Our next dates are January 29, February 5, 12, 19, 26, March 5, 12, 19, 26 and April 9. Journal sessions are live online Fridays at 1:00 – 2:00 pm EST. Recordings are generally available within 24 hours.

Recordings: We’ll record every club session so you’ll be able to take part whenever is convenient for you. Of course, you’ll want to be there live as much as you can to be a part of our great creative community but we’ve also heard from many members that they are amazed by how much they feel they are right there with the recording!

Location: We’ll be meeting online in my “Zoom Room.” You can join via your computer or call in, whichever is more convenient for you.

Your Guide: A journaler for decades, I am a creative living coach who has led creative workshops covering everything from dreamboards to journaling for entrepreneurs. I am also the founder of Give a Girl a Journal, a do-good initiative that brought hundreds of journals to girls around the world!

Community: In addition to our weekly meet-ups, we’ll have a private group where we can continue to be in community and encourage one another’s journal practice throughout the week.

Register Now

Register Now & Join Journal Club!

We’re going to have such a great time!

Registration: $175 USD


Additional Material

My Gift to You: A Free Mini Journal Class to Help You See if Journal Club Is For You



Psst…. here’s what journalers have to say about the power of Journal Club…

With Journal Club Jamie has created a safe and intimate space filled with joy, fun, inspiration and positive energy, where we could share our thoughts and feelings – as much as we wanted to – and also be quiet and journal together. I wanted to journal for quite a while, but never was able to stick with it, always quitting after a couple of days. Jamie and Journal Club helped me develop a journaling practice I really love. Joining was one of my best decisions ever. Thank you, Jamie, for this special hour on Fridays, thank you for being such an inspiration!  Rosie

Journal Club goes waaay beyond the page.The magic we create with Jamie in this community has to be experienced to be truly understood. Life. Affirming. Life. Changing. I’m a journaler and a writer so Journal Club is a given for me. It’s a safe space for me to show up to the page and in life and explore my dreams, desires, and dragons. My journaling (and writing) practice has cracked wide open and I’ve explored mediums I never thought I would with a sense of wonder and empowerment. Jamie, you are the magnet and the cohesion!  I have found my tribe and am honored to write, doodle, dance, and yes even get teary with them. Jamie holds a magical safe-space of exploration on the page and in our hearts for us to dive, dig, fall, or float. Oh dear friends, won’t you join us and share your brave self?  Laura

Journal Club at JRS is one of those things that you just have to experience! It is magic! Jamie is an awesome space holder that thoughtfully creates an hour filled with fun every week and her sister Shannon helps too behind the scenes! I so look forward to it every week. It’s a space where I can gather in a welcoming community that I feel safe, expansive and creative in! Thank you from my heart! Till the next season! Sundeep

Journal Club has been the light at the end of my week for the last 10 weeks. I will miss it very much. It was great joining with like-minded people each week. And thank you so much Jamie for making it possible! It’s been awesome. During our dance at the end, I envisioned holding hands with everyone in the circle and celebrating this group and horse who led us so well this season. Amy

Journal Club is a truly magical place. It is fun. It makes you think. It let’s you discover things about yourself. It makes you aware of all the wonderful things you are capable of. It is a wonderful way of connecting on a deeper level with your true self and connecting to wonderful, wise and beautiful human beings from around the world. Thank you! Nina

  I love to journal, but rarely take the time to do it myself. Journal Club gives me permission to honour my creative self and I always leave with a huge smile on my face thanks to the warmth and energy of this beautiful group. Even when I haven’t been able to attend live, I can always feel the energy and it allows me to step into tender places. Thank you for creating and holding this space, Jamie. You bring an intimacy to the online experience that makes me feel like I’m literally in the studio with you and these amazing group of women. It’s magic!  Kim

  Journal Club has been such a wonderful opportunity to find my voice, to open new doors and to hear the voices of others. Several times this season as Jamie shifted direction based on what was being shared by members, we went deeper and touched on tender places. Jamie, thank you for creating that safe space and opening up my heart. Susan

  Don’t hesitate to do this. Journal Club is so much fun and Jamie leads in such wonderful, positive and upbeat ways! She is innovative, clear and welcoming. She listens with an open and warm heart. Thank-you all. Thea

 I’ve been so inspired and heartened by our fall season with Raven as our spirit animal. Raven is magic, and she didn’t disappoint. Every session was rich in insights and guidance to reflect on. Raven has taken an active part in my fiction writing, and in our last session, gave me several nudges during the prompts. Jamie and the Journal Club tribe held space for magic to occur, with wisdom, humor, and encouragement.  Anne

 Journal Club really has had an unexpected and fantastic influence on my life! I’ve learned so much from all the people participating in this space and I am so appreciative of that. This was my first experience with Journal Club, and everyone was so welcoming! Jamie brings so much positive energy into this environment, and i can’t wait for the next session! Melody

Journal Club is the most supportive and creative community of women that you never knew how much you needed and soon realize you cannot live fully without.  Jamie is a master at building community, while also so exquisitely “tuning into” each member and offering exactly that type of support, prompts and activities that we need in each tender moment. Journal Club is the highlight of my week and best tool for self-care. Brittany

Jamie’s prompts are simple yet so meaningful. I have felt validated, loved, and understood by Jamie and the other women in the group. It is super special and so worth the price of admission! Kirsten

I have found each Journal Club rich and wonderful whether I was swimming with the Salmon Sisters or standing tall with the Blue Heron, I have felt supported and in such great company with everyone participating in this joyful part of my week. Dara

I loved this fall Journal Club! It was just what I’d hoped it would be, with all the thoughtful prompts and shared experiences. I’ll be looking forward to the winter session. Patricia

 Journal club is such an awesome community of inspiration every week. Especially on the days when I’m feeling harried or rushed. This hour is a sanctuary to slow down, think of things I might not have thought about and connect with sensitive and caring souls. Jamie does such a great job of making everyone feel comfortable, seen, and heard. Truly a beautiful experience every time! Amy

 That it is a time JUST for ME surrounded by love. Held, heard, adored, even if I never share or if I wasn’t able to be in the live session. Still I am held in highest regard and loved and supported. My time with all this love. Adrea

Journal Club has been a sacred hour in my week to reflect, sharing light and heavy emotions, a circle of wonderful women led by the goddess of journaling. Valerie

 Journal Club is a wonderful weekly practice to meet together and yet be able to be yourself and bring whatever you can to this community. It’s not just journaling for an hour. It’s sharing and caring and creating in a safe and nurturing place. Thanks Jamie for creating this space! Renee 

Journal club is such a highlight of my week. A perfect activity for Friday morning is to spend an hour with Jamie and such a wonderful supportive group of people. Been here since the beginning except for one session that I missed the whole time I was away. It’s a fixture now in my week. Always different week to week, but always such a deep feeling of support. It is always an amazing group of people and it surely enriches my day, my week, my life. Dianne

 Journal Club is a safe space where I can express the thoughts and feelings that I knew are in me.  It got me back into the journaling practice in a fun and gentle way. Andrea

EVERY Journal Club is a delight and wonder! A deepening of our connection to each other and to self…this journey with Blue Heron took us to new heights and tenderly revealed ways to support my self and stretch and grow. Journal Club is the safest most beautifully supportive online community I have experienced. It works because of Jamie’s authentic intuitive presence and encouragement. She’s in the trenches with us for every word and doodle and engages us to play in a whole new arena of possibility. Journal Club Friday’s are delectably, preciously inked in my calendar.  Laurie

Journal Club an oasis in my week, and opportunity to commune with creative, supportive, beautiful, powerful women!! I’m so grateful for this club. Keren

 In Journal Club I can just be whoever I am right now — happy, grumpy, hopeful, stuck — and I’m heard and supported. Lynne

Journal Club deepened my journaling practice.  It helped me get closer to the truth of things as well as lightening up and having so much fun with fellow journalers. Each season I’m in Journal Club, the experience grows deeper and is more precious.  After several seasons of Journal Club with Jamie, it’s become a mainstay in my life that gifts me with support and connection and joy!  And I’ve made wonderful friends.  Thank you, Jamie, for giving us all this lovely, nourishing, creative opportunity for community and for sharing your glorous self.  Best ever.   Carol

Journal Club is a moment to pause, reflect, create and have a little fun knowing we are not alone. Jodi

  I came to love Friday’s because it was Journal Club day! The connection of kindred souls and Jamie’s joy and inspiration reminded me of my true north and helped me get back on the path to creativity and self care. LOVE it!!! Laura

Journal Club made all the diifference in the world to me. Jamie and the wonderful women in this club are so loving and caring. Cathe

Journal Club helped me create a sacred space for my journaling each week that opened up the space for continued playing/scribing. The creative community of support has meant the world to me. Fun, fabulous, and truly beautiful! Deborah

 Journal Club is both a sanctuary in the storm and a garden for growth. What a beautiful group of glorious women sharing our lives. Jamie is such a wonderful leader always. Her compassion and enthusiasm is so important to me. I’ve loved this hour. Carol

Journal Club is one of the most unique experiences I have had.  It is really difficult to put into words the sense of community,  growth,  love and fun I experienced every Friday.  There’s nothing out there quite like Journal Club. Angella

Journal Club has been an amazing experience, pushing the boundaries of how one can view and write about the good, the bad and all that in-between, making the journaling experience and practice more than just writing. Dalyn

Jamie creates a warm and supportive space that allows the great sharing, love, and support. Cheryl

  Journal Club reminded me how much I enjoy writing and how much I loved writing when I was young.  It makes me want to rediscover my writing voice, which, at times, composes something so profound or insightful that it even surprises me.  I loved the prompts and the different ways of looking at documenting our day and what it is we want from our lives.  I am so very glad that I’ve gotten to do this season of Journal Club. Jamie, you never cease to bring out something from the depths to show me what I need to consider.  And the ladies here are pretty dang fantastic, too! Kat

 My first Journal Club, and it’s been such a rich and delightful experience. I’ll be back! Anne

 Of course the journaling part is great. Jamie introduces you to so many new ideas and approaches to journaling. But the biggest thing is the group she nurtures. It’s full of strong, kind, supportive women, who will change your lives. Akiyo

Journal Club is every last one of us…connections, honesty, support, creativity, self-time, broadening of my vistas, love.  You owe it to yourself to join Journal Club… One hour a week, led by the inimitable Jamie Ridler brings you immeasurable calm, peace, and clarity. Journal Club rocks and cares and loves and opens doors and pathways for each and all. It’s a staple in my life. I’ve been a Journal Clubber for over a year. When we’re on break, my Fridays are not the same… but I make every effort to continue the Friday practice on my own. The community is giving and supportive and strong and we have excellent support and guidance from Jamie and Shannon. Join us! Honore

I got so much more out of Journal Club than I had anticipated! The prompts were fun and insightful. Working with others and sharing our reflections added a new depth to this practice. Thanks, Jamie! Sandy

I can’t recommend Journal Club enough. It’s such a nice, loving space to be involved in. It has definitely gotten me to appreciate journaling and in the process I’ve met so many nice people. Jamie does a wonderful job at leading us with prompts, doodling and dancing. I can’t wait until the next session! Julie

 I have always dreamed of being a journaler, and purchased hundreds of lovely journals and never filled their pages. I didn’t really know what to say or how to use the journal. And along came Jamie Ridler Studio’s Journal Club. As I write this, I realize that I feel this experience has been like opening the best gift I have ever been given. Jamie provided us with a bit of structure, set time limits, and offered something to use as a focus or guide. We wandered through our day, enjoyed a free write, a bit of doodling, and then resolved some questions. It has been a gentle process filled with magical moments, ah-has about ourselves, an opportunity to share and know how similar we are while working through our diverse lives. This journal has been one of the best experiences of growth and self awareness I could have hoped for. I feel as if I am set up for living happily ever after – with my journals and pens! Lorna

 Journal Club will break your ideas and beliefs of possibilities for community and connection WIDE OPEN. We are so alike and unique simultaneously and the depth of authenticity and sharing will make you gasp. Come. Join. Show up. Be.  Laura

Showing up weekly to Journal Club has become one of my favourite things! What a year it has been, having Journal Club to look forward to every season!  I love the anticipation of finding out who our animal guide will be for the season and also the anticipation of what our hour together will bring each Friday! You never know where the journal prompts are going to take you! And also the deep dives and sharing that everyone brings is such a learning. This community of friends is priceless! And as Jamie says, there is room for you here! So come on in and join us! It will be magical!  Sundeep

I didn’t know what I was missing until I got it…here. Kathy

 When I first read about Journal Club I couldn’t imagine what that would be like, sitting in front of a computer with a journal by my side… and with journaling being something quite private, why would I do that together with others? Little did I know that I would be forever grateful I spontaneously decided to give it a try! Not only did I find a routine for journaling, but I also found a wonderful group of like-minded women, I can’t wait to meet for that one hour a week! Journal Club is where we write and share thoughts, ideas, laughter and sometimes tears, all under the inspiring guidance of Jamie and the wonderful support of her sister Shannon. And yes, it’s as private as everyone wants it to be and as open and welcoming, too. Thank you so much for this wonderful offering, Jamie! I wouldn’t want to miss one session of it! Rosie