Join me for Planning Day!

What If You Could Design the Year You Wanted to Live?

   What if… Next year your ideas took form?

   What if… Next year you stepped out of the dark cloud of over-thinking and stepped into a year of purpose with a plan?

    What if…  You had a road map for adventure, one that allows for following your nose but also keeps you from getting lost?

    What if…  Next New Year’s Eve you were able to look back and say, “Holy noodle! Look what I did!!”

Let’s Design that Year!

For years I’ve been designing, re-designing and re-re-designing how to make a plan for my year that was true to my heart, flexible for my soul and supported me in getting things done. With that vision in mind and a constant stream of refinements, my sister Shannon and I finally settled into something that really works. As the end of the year approaches, we set aside some planning time and go through the process of designing our year. We dream, we have fun and we get very clear on what we want for the year ahead. Even with our vastly different styles (my plan ends up held lightly on coloured cut-outs and Shannon’s is recorded, tracked and analyzed in Excel) we’ve found a process that works! I want to share it with you.

Planning Day Gives You…

Dedicated Time
It’s time to stop planning to make a plan and actually make one! Take the time now so you can spend next year living the life you want to live!

Structure and Support
You don’t have to figure it out alone! I’ll guide you through a step-by-step process. Whether you attend live or work with the recording, you have access to me if you get stuck or stymied!

A Repeatable Design Process
What you learn in the workshop you’ll be able to use again and again. You will leave with a useful new process in your toolkit.

Clarified Priorities
A plan built on the wrong foundations is not only doomed for failure but it also hurts! Your design plan will be built on the ground of what’s truly important to you – and the workshop will help you name what that is.

A Plan (not a Straightjacket)
You’ll leave with an intentional road map for the year ahead, one that keeps you focused and clear without being oppressive.

Your Word of the Year
What better time to discover your word of the year than when you’re immersed in the heart and soul of your plans for next year!

Peace of Mind
With a plan you have confidence in, you can let your mind rest. Knowing you’re ready to start next year with clarity, you can settle in and be present for the holiday season!

Who is Planning Day For?

  Big Dreamers
Have a big dream that you want to bring to life? One that is so exciting you can’t wait to get started but so big you don’t know how to begin? How exciting – and also overwhelming! I’m a big believer in big dreams and I want you to move forward on yours next year. In this workshop you’ll have the opportunity to gently and lovingly ground that idea in an actual plan without every diminishing its grandeur and beauty. You’ll keep your eye on the big picture while working with manageable chapters each season.

  Idea Generators

Have so many sparkling ideas that you don’t know how to choose, and hey, why should you have to? It sucks to let things go! The only problem is that holding them onto them all is exhausting! It’s like trying to hold a whole litter of puppies all at once – awesome but wow, you can’t do it forever! I don’t want you to give up any of your gorgeous ideas. What I do want for you is to end next year with a bunch of them that you can jump up and down about and say, “Complete!! Complete!!” This design plan allows you to make a bunch of choices for next year, to choose your personal perfect mix of tantalizing projects you want to bring to life. And the great news? Next year, you get to pick some more!


And what if you have absolutely no idea what you want to create next year or maybe just the wisp of a feeling that’s like a memory of a dream? Don’t despair. Let’s make next year the one where that wisp turns into a guide and then into a touchstone of your dream. When everything seems so tenuous and uncertain, it is a relief to have some structure, something to hold your explorations, your wonderings, your heart. We’ll start there and then play with the possibilities of what you’ve discovered. Your design plan will allow you to start trying on possibilities, to live into what you’re discovering and make adjustments along the way. You’ll find more clarity with every step.


Wherever you are starting, whatever you are imagining for the year ahead, this workshop gives you the time, space and support to lay the foundations, to move into next year with intention, to create what you envision in the year ahead.

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The Details

Format: Online webinar. Access this workshop on-demand and take part whenever you like!

Supplies: I’ve keep it really simple: something to write with, something to write on, post-it notes, a magazine and a physical datebook or calendar (i.e. not digital).


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Here’s what people say about Planning Day…

This is my fourth Planning Day. I absolutely love this process, as it helps me to gain focus on where I am in my Life, where I want to be and how to get there. Last year, during Planning Day, I decided I needed a big change and was going to sell my home to move closer to my family. On that day, I wrote the intention that by spring 2018, I would sell my home for $this much money. My second intention was that I would buy my perfect home for a perfect price. By being clear about my intentions, I was able to figure out and plan my steps to make it happen. I’m happy to say that on this Planning Day, in looking back, my home sold in the spring for more than I had written down, and I am now in my new home, close to family, happy and full of gratitude. The power of intention, and following through, even by baby steps, is powerful. Planning Day has been such a great learning experience, and now, I look forward to each new gathering. Thank you, Jamie! Patricia Komai

In Planning Day, Jamie Ridler shares her magic by helping us draw the current year to a close and start the new year with intention.  The journaling connects you with yourself both with words and imagery, and helps you visualize what you want to sketch into your new year in a practical way while also infused with a little magical pixie dustPriti M.

This experience was amazing! Jamie is such a wonderful guide, and so helpful in guiding us to break down our grand ideas and dreams into plans and actions that we can bring into being. This is unlike any other experience with planning hat I’ve ever had, because it really taps into the energy of creative minds and helps make the ethereal into reality. I’m so thankful for this offering and the opportunity to participate in it. it was so much fun, and beautifully helpful. Melody Flurry

My first planning day with Jamie has been such a great learning experience for me. For one thing I love that it happened at the end of November and got me thinking sooner than later. I feel like I have lots of time to find my own rythym with this process and work on it some more to the point where it feels and is doable for me before 2019 is actually here. I loved that Jamie connected it to the elements Air – getting what I want out of my head, Earth – making it tangible, Fire – taking the action to create a life that I love. Jamie Ridler Studios is a magic making place and I am so grateful for Jamie, Shannon and the studio community for creating an amazing space to share. May everyone’s 2019 be magic. Lots of love and light to all! Sundeep Grewal

Suddenly all those “shoulds” on my list (things I feel like I’m supposed to do, but resist) have taken on new meaning when I view them through the lens of my focus areas and values. Just one of the many “aha” moments I had during Planning Day thanks to Jamie’s thoughtful questions and expert guidance. Thank you for creating a structure that is powerful and actionable, while still allowing space for creativity and magic. It was just what I needed to get excited about the new year! Kim Sedgwick

This workshop makes me feel like a Sacred Designer of my own life instead of running like a hamster on a wheel of someone else’s making . Linda White

I was honestly a little afraid to commit to this because I’m afraid to commit to planning. I’m so glad I did though. Jamie’s magical supportive style really drew me into the process of planning with form and freedom. And I feel like I have a start to something that I can really work with. I really look forward to using my focus areas to stay committed to what is important. And I love the idea of working in season. Now I’m off to hang up my season planning along with the calendars for the winter months of the year. I so appreciated being in community with all of you – creative souls –  who participated. Thank you Jamie and all! Lisa DeYoung

I cannot thank you enough for providing this journey into the next year of heartfelt planning and practice.  Planning Day brought clarity to me on several levels. The quick-fire questions and one-minute responses made me go with my gut for the replies. Each question was a step along the path and each path broadened and narrowed my thinking, which took to me a place of strength and clarity with structure and sunlight. I would definitely sign up for this again next year. Lorna Schreck

I eagerly look forward to Planning Day each year, to set the tone as well as the direction for the year ahead. Every year, I’ve learned something new about my own process, and how to make sure what’s most important to me doesn’t get lost in the chaos of daily life. I loved the dancing, and was reminded once again how insight flows more easily when my body is in motion. It’s so much more fun to plan the year ahead in a group, and to benefit from the wisdom of others. I’ve come to look forward to it as an afternoon of inspiration, fun, and magic, at the end of which I’ve discovered how I want my new year to look and feel, and crafted a flexible plan to make it happen. Jamie’s planning process leads you gently from the realm of dreams and yearnings, the “spirit” of your year, down to the “earthy” business of fashioning a plan that fits you. Each year, I’ve gotten a little better at tailoring my plan to provide just enough structure to support my progress without burdening me.  Anne DeMarsay

This was great!  So often for me the schedule can “take over” and I lose what’s most important.  Planning Day offered a very light structure to ensure my priorities get planned in and amongst the craziness of daily life.  Thank you!  I also really enjoyed chatting with other participants…really great insights! Allyson Gunnell

Jamie Ridler Studios never ceases to amaze me with all of their Creative Living Workshops, Behind The Scenes Videos and Creative Living Podcasts: the best workshops are the Full Moon Dreamboards Series and now, the glorious Planning Day which enabled me to come away with x30 planning skills/insights! I am happy to share that Jamie Ridler is always an inspiring and generous speaker: with the seasonal project planning format suggested I am embarking of four extraordinary projects I have been yearning to accomplish. My New Year will be filled with creativity projects, such as: poetic translations, art journaling, collage assemblages and revising children’s literature manuscript for publication! Thank you so very much, Jamie for being a guiding light and I look forward to all of your creative endeavors! Camille Hurlburt

  Planning Day was amazing!!! What an experience of clarity, insight and inspiration! It was really a “deep dive”… into my life and what I now want to create… so many wonderful ideas and plans emerged. I hope you make this an annual tradition. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to make their life and business happy and fulfilling. Thank You Jamie! You are awesome! Rene Cerrito

  Planning Day was enlivening, exciting, and SO doable – even for people like me who sometimes resist putting things down on the calendar. I feel much clearer about where I’m heading and what’s important to me for the new year. I’m so glad I joined in today and I loved everything I wrote and learned! Kate Chadbourne

  The questions and time flew by at the perfect pace; no time for overthinking. Planning Day helped me tune into my wise inner self and ‘listen’. Jamie is an ideal guide/mentor/coach inviting and inspires us to stretch into our bests selves and live our best lives. Bravo Jamie!  This community of kindred souls ellicits such empowering energy and ideas and creativity. Planning Day holds more than my calendar could ever encompass, lol! Laura Allen

  Thank you, Jamie, for your kind, smart and inspiring guidance during Planning Day. I have a big year coming up and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. After Planning Day, not only do I feel like I have a handle on how I want this year to go, I also feel like I have tools to manage the inevitable challenges and changes I will face – and keep my actions aligned with my heart’s desires. Thank you. Alex Hickey

 Planning Day isn’t just about generating a set of tasks and putting them in a calendar. It’s about identifying some major themes for your life and then connecting the tasks to those areas. It’s a much more heart-filled way of planningBlythe Summers

  This is my 3rd year in a row taking part in planning day and I can’t imagine a better way to get ready for the upcoming year. I have had the best insights every time and I wouldn’t miss it for anything. Thank you for helping us through the process Jamie! Melissa Melissa

Thank you Jamie for offering this yearly planning day. I have been able to see and feel my year to come and will enjoy working on the fruit of my intentions for next year which you so beautifully guided me through to name and take inspired action. Susan Miller

   I was unfortunately not able to attend the Planning Day live but experiencing it as a playback was almost as good. I had planned to complete it in 3 hourly chunks but it was so fun and easy, I did it all in one session. I think Jamie brought such a wonderful energy to guiding the group through the planning process and the journal prompts were really thought-provoking. The use of the timer ensured an awful lot got done in that 3 hours. I feel like I now have an excellent handle on my goals and projects for next year. I thought Jamie struck a great balance between structure and fluidity in the planning methodology. Hearing the contributions of the people who attended live was really useful and I did feel as if I was genuinely participating. I would recommend this seminar to anyone who wants a super fun and simple way to capture their dreams and plan to bring them into actuality in the next year. Wonderful! Melanie Kemp

  There was such a great energy doing this together. I felt your support along with Jamie’s. Jamie delivers in such a ‘soothing’ way. She eases the topics into our consciousness and helps us come to our own realizations which is so powerful. What a fantastic 3 hours well spent. Lisa Wright

At the beginning of this workshop I had no idea how to plan at all. In fact I, being a highly creative person resist planning all the time. Jamie gave me a wonderful container to put my ideas into and the result was that now I think I love planning. I see how it can work for me. I know how to take my wants and desires and how to translate them to actual goals and create plans for them. I would recommend the workshop to any creative person, who resists planning but still feels a need for it. I’d also recommend to any online entrepreneurs. Kate Robertson

  Working with Jamie is always a wonderful experience.  Planning Day was all that I hoped for and more.  I had time to focus on what is important in my life, celebrate what I accomplished and begin to think about and plan for the new year.

When Planning Day was finished I knew that I had a solid plan for how to begin my year but I also knew that my plan was fluid and flexible and that I could easily adjust it as needed.  As always, Jamie was prepared, fun  and always ready with a thoughtful answer.

Planning Day is something that I will do from now on.  I’m not only ready but I’m excited to see what happens next!  Thank you once again, Jamie for a terrific experience. Ginny Lennox

I did it! I finally committed to making a Plan. This workshop was so helpful. Thank you Jamie for sharing your light and energy with us! Anne Parker

  Jamie’s Planning Day was powerful, joyful, inspiring, helpful and nurturing. I’m so glad I followed my instinct to join the class. Will definitely be back next year. Can’t wait to see what magic unfolds for us all! Judy McNutt

I did your planning webinar, using the recorded version. And I have never felt more ready to welcome a new year! Wow, it’s like “spiritual” planning, I’d say. Really getting down to core and then seeing what the priority is now… what’s ripe, what’s ready to be harvested and cultivated. It was so good!  Kari Carlson

I so believe that the divine masculine and divine feminine need to come into better balance in our world. I can see no better way to do that than to plan actions for our year that are rooted in our deepest desires and hopes for ourselves and our communities. Thank you, Jamie, for this powerful practice and for facilitating sacred space. Amy Sedgwick

I was feeling really stuck in my life as I sat down to commence the workshop. Now I am feeling inspired, energised and excited about the year ahead. I can see the journey and I am ready to take the steps forward in a gently and loving way. Thank you Jamie for everything you do. I can recommend this workshop to anyone who needs to plan and focus in a creative way. This workshop is a real gem! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!  Sundari Austin 

Planning Day was an intense, illuminating workshop that helped me get my dreams, projects, activities, and practices onto a schedule for next year without ending up with a lifeless and overwhelming “plan.”

My favorite insight was that going from the realm of ideas, visions, and brainstorming (Air) to linear, scheduled time (Earth) is always a bit of a shock. Jamie has you bring your ideas down to earth gently, seeing where a project that speaks to you might fit energetically into a season.

Another “aha” moment was that a plan that is too detailed feels “tight,” as Jamie puts it: uncomfortable and constraining, which is why some people avoid planning (raising my hand here). People need different amounts of structure to stay on track—and different amounts at different times. Her process is flexible. You can stick Post-its with projects on a page for the next season, lay out all your ideas for the next four seasons, or make a detailed month-by-month or week-by-week plan. I felt comfortable fitting projects into the winter season, and then planning each month in more detail as it arrived.  Planning Day was wonderful! xxx Anne DeMarsay

  I thoroughly enjoyed Planning Day. I have been wrestling with how to create and implement a “schedule” for a long time. Today’s Planning Day turned on the light bulb…I am no longer in the dark and ready to roll!  Thanks, Jamie.  Honore Francois

 At the beginning of the workshop my thoughts were heading in one direction for the year ahead – projects, planning, goals. Somewhere in the middle, emotions stirred in me and a shift took place.

Being forced to find an image quickly was a turning point for me.

The past few years have been tough but 2015 was a year of letting go and healing. I thought I would jump back into many things in 2016. The image reflected my yearning for breathing space and noticing my life and the things around me. I realized I have changed in the past few years, stripped down to bare bones and I want my home and my choices to reflect those changes. I have a tendency to fill any empty spaces. Right now I want to weigh carefully how to fill my time and energy.

The workshop really did shift my thinking and my focus. This morning I spent a couple hours going through my journals of 2015. My writings reaffirmed what I learned on planning day.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to get in touch with her own heart and flesh out that authenticity in her daily life. Thanks again Jamie! Paula White

 Planning Day has become a tradition for me.  I’ve been doing Planning Day for several years.  In what’s been a very unsettling season of transition in my life, this year’s planning exercise with Jamie has helped to turn a turbulent body of uncharted water into a much calmer haven – an inlet of hope and grounding for next year.  There’s always new insights!  It’s an essential activity when I’m looking at where I am in life and where I hope to go.  It’s a safe, loving, thought-provoking, adventurous space to dwell in for three hours.  Thank you so much, Jamie for making this happen! Carol Kitchell

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Please Note: 
If you’re looking to list every to-do for every project and plot it into your schedule from now until New Years, this is not the workshop for you. We’ll be designing your year with an eye on your vision, a way to work in manageable pieces and a focus on what’s next. In my experience, the plan-it-all-in-advance approach leads to hair-pulling, anxiety and wasted effort. Life is an ever-changing mystery so our plans need to be organic and adaptable. If that sounds good to you, come and join us.