What would be different if you started your week with time for you?  What if, in a space of quiet and calm, you could hear your heart and build your plans with its wisdom?

With Mindful Mondays, you will embark on a weekly practice that connects you to your inner compass and allows you to develop and focus your plans based on insight and self-trust.

The practice is simple. The impact is palpable.

This season, start each week grounded in your heart’s truth.

Start your week with Mindful Mondays.


Mindful Mondays

Mindful Mondays is an online series of live practice sessions that will help your begin your week with focus, clarity and intention.

Imagine looking at your plans, your lists, your to-dos and knowing that they are rooted in your heart, your truth, your desire.

Imagine starting your week by entering a dedicated space and time for you, your wisdom and your life.

Mindful Mondays are working sessions. During our time together, we will bring our focused attention to the process of knowing ourselves and planning our lives, one week at a time.

Mindful Mondays Gives You…

An Intentional Practice

Each Monday we will meet and engage in a regular practice of tuning into ourselves and intentionally developing the week’s plans and to-dos based on the insight and wisdom we discover.

Powerful Tools

In Mindful Mondays we will use the following tools:

  • Journaling: Each week we will journal to clear our cluttered minds and access the voice of wisdom that lies underneath the noise.
  • Meditation: During each session, we will take time to meditate and be present with ourselves and one another.
  • Focus Areas: In our introductory meeting, we will name and claim our true priorities in the form of focus areas. Each subsequent week we will develop our plans and to-do lists based on what really matters.

A Supportive Structure

Even though we know things like journaling, meditation and getting clear on our priorities would make a difference in our lives, we often find it hard to get them on our schedule! With Mindful Mondays, you will have a time and a place to show up for yourself and for your life.

An Intentional Community

You won’t be alone on this journey! You’ll be a part of a group of creative hearts learning, growing and creating a life of intention right alongside you. Plus you’ll have the guidance of a creative living coach and trained meditation instructor – that’s me!

Insight & Magic

Whenever we engage in a regular practice that brings us face-to-face with ourselves, whenever we show up with intention and love, our awareness expands and our insight grows.  Inevitably we find some magic along the way.


The Details

The Details

Format: Mindful Mondays is a series of 10 live online practice sessions. Recordings will be available afterwards, generally within 24 hours.

Dates: Sept 20, 27, Oct 4, 18, 25, Nov 1, 8, 15, 22, 29.
Please Note: No class Oct 11 for Canadian Thanksgiving

Time: 8:30-9:30 am EST

Supplies: These practice sessions require minimal and readily available supplies: a journal, a pen, printed focus area sheets (a PDF will be provided or you may use your Studio Yearbook). A candle is optional but a lovely addition to your toolkit.

Your Guide: Jamie Ridler. As a creative living coach and teacher, I have helped hundreds of creatives build a life based on the truth of who they are and what they sincerely desire. I’m here to help you too. I have dedicated years to my own journaling practice and lead the powerful and popular Journal Club here at the studio. I have developed the concept of Focus Areas and have used them successfully myself and introduced them to others through Planning Day and the Studio Yearbook. I am also a trained meditation instructor.

Community: We will have a private group on Facebook where we can continue to be in community and encourage one another’s journey.

What If You Can’t Make it Live?

Every season we have people participate in Mindful Mondays on their own schedule. We send out recordings, often the same day. Plus you are always welcome to send questions and celebrations to me before the Monday session so we can give you encouragement and support! One of the things I truly love about online teaching is that we can transcend space and time!

Register Now

Register Now & Create Your Season with Intention

Registration is $175 USD


The Details

Psst…. here’s what participants have to say about the magic of Mindful Mondays…

 Mindful Mondays is like a reset button: it helps me pause and take an in-between moment to wrap my head around the previous week or period of activity, reflect on where I’m at now, remember what’s important to me, and get mentally organized for the upcoming week or whatever period of time. I especially appreciate the opportunity to celebrate whatever went well in the past week, because it’s all too easy to focus on what’s not yet done and what’s not yet how it needs to be or how I want it to be, and I get a much fuller and happier picture when I also attend to what is right, where I have succeeded, and what I’ve accomplished. I participate via the recording, which allows me to go at my own time, pace, and schedule, and I love that I get to experience the community vicariously this way. I love the thoughtful, compassionate reminders to attend to what really matters to us, give ourselves permission to rest, listen to our gut or spirit, and prioritize the things that bring us joy and fulfillment. Mindful Mondays help me wrap my head around both the details and the big picture of my life and see it all together in one aligned and concordant view.   Kelly Besecke

Mindful Monday’s helped me to design my week consciously and mindfully. Being ‘on purpose’ instead of reacting to whatever happens each day. It’s not simply having a plan but a mindset and Jamie skillfully leads us through a simple yet powerful process in about forty-five minutes. Her meditations are simple and doable and give me a space of calm and help me open to receive. If you’re looking for a way to lean into organizing your to do’s and your want to do’s into a format you can take with you I invite you to lean into your week with Mindful Mondays. Laura Allen

Mindful Mondays gave me the practice I was looking for, a way to regularly stay in touch with what is meaningful in my life and what I want to create in my life. Being able to return week after week to the practice of tuning in to my deepest yearnings, and considering them even in the swirl of life’s responsibilities gave me a structure and confidence that I was staying true to myself. Spending Monday mornings in a circle of wise women was a deeply grounding force that shaped my weeks this winter. Helen Yee

Starting the week off with Monday is rough for me! But starting the week off with Mindful Mondays – Jamie at the helm and surrounded by sisters – creates room to breathe and sets the tone for a creative, supported week. I’ve come to look forward to this beginning practice that enables me to stop, focus honestly on where I am and where I hope to go. Carol Kitchell

Mindful Mondays has been a great way to begin my week in community and with intention.  The opportunity to acknowledge the goodness from the past week, and attend to my areas of focus sets a positive course for the week ahead.  Jamie’s wise and generous leadership and the wisdom of the others in the circle make Mindful Mondays a delightful gift I give to myself. Michelle Brode

 Do you look forward to Mondays or dread its arrival? If the latter is your answer, no more when you begin your week with Mindful Monday! This practice is the very best way to live a week that is filled with joy, peace, mindfulness, progress, productivity and happiness. Led by Jamie you’ll “live for Monday!” Come on in! Join us! Mindful Mondays is for everyone! Cheers! Honore Francois

 I love Mindful Mondays! My whole week became focused and took on a hopeful tone because of one hour spent together, writing, sharing, encouraging. I loved the process, the celebration, the touchstone words. I plan to sign up again right away. This Practice really made a difference in how I journeyed through winter. Paula White

When I decided to sign up I already thought I had a pretty good process in place to review my week and fill in my focus areas in my yearbook. But participating in this group was so much better than doing it on my own. I find that I look forward to this focused time to get my week off to a great start. I know I got things done this season that I wouldn’t have otherwise because I had a place to announce my celebrations.  I loved hearing everyone’s comments each week, gathering inspiration from their touchstones and celebrating our accomplishments. While I found it challenging to get up earlier the first few weeks, it’s now a dedicated part of my week that I really look forward to. Starting Mondays like this has helped me focus more mindfully throughout the week. Thank you Jamie and everyone in the circle. Mindful Mondays made my winter more magical. Such a supportive, insightful group of women. I will miss you all during the break. Who knew that one special hour could mean so much? Amy Christaldi  

  Mindful Mondays is a great way to start your week. It brings you to focus on what is important and needs your attention in the following days. I always feel more grounded and inspired for the week ahead after class. Thank you Jamie and Shannon for making this practice possible. Karen Bumstead

  Mindful Mondays has been a gathering place for support in my creative endeavors and for accountability for myself.  I have consistently shown up for myself in new ways, which has opened new doors.  Jamie is an experienced, encouraging and gentle guide – always inspiring! Sharon Hall

Thank you for hosting Mindful Mondays, Jamie. I have found this time of connecting and sharing to be such a positive way to start my week. I always come away feeling very grounded and inspired! There is so much wisdom and encouragement to be found here amongst this fabulous tribe of women. Dru Nordmark

 Mindful Mondays provided the missing piece in my planning process: a way to keep my long-term, creative goals in the foreground, and not let them be driven out by urgent but less important tasks. It’s been well worth getting up earlier than usual to be there for the live session. Taking time to consider the shape of the week ahead and set my intention for it, supported by the energy of the group, kept me in touch with my truer, deeper priorities as I made choices about how to spend my time and energy. It was always a surprise to review my focus areas the following week and see how much of what I envisioned had gotten done. I’ll continue the practice on my own until it’s time for the winter session. Anne DeMarsay