Hello, Creative Heart
I see you.

  “Who me?”

Yes, you with the sparkling eyes and the soul full of wonder. I see the magic in you.

You see, this is a studio and a studio is a home for creative hearts, like you.

This isn’t a space for the naysayers, for the “that’s the way it is” believers, for the mean art teachers or the internet trolls.

This isn’t a place with an exclusive velvet rope letting in the select few, those deemed worthy, those who passed the test and came up “talented”.

Here, it doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’ve danced or drawn or sewn or sang your whole life or started yesterday.

Here you won’t be told it’s too late.

Here you won’t be told what you can’t do.

Here you won’t be told to rein it in.

Here you are allowed to shine.

Here, in Jamie Ridler Studios, your creativity will come to life.

In the studio, you are free to play, to leap, to laugh, to love, to reflect and to discover. You are encouraged to try, to risk, to stretch, to grow, to wonder, to practice and to celebrate. Here all the arts belong to you – so grab your journal and your camera, your paints and your pens, sing and dance and doodle and knit and whatever else strikes your fancy. Here there is room for good moods and dark days, for introverts and extroverts, for the messy and the organized.

Here, there is room for you.

Many have stood on this threshold before you.

Some have built their lives on their creative hearts. They are artists and entrepreneurs, teachers and leaders, some at the beginning of their journey and some well in. They step into the studio to come back to themselves, to stretch and grow into who they are becoming next.

Some are discovering or recovering their creative hearts. Many were told the arts and creativity were just a hobby or not for them but in their souls they knew this was a lie, that their love of colour and music and song and stories and words and pictures meant something. They step into the studio to discover what that is.

Wherever you are, creative heart, in the studio, you’ll come alive.

You’ll be immersed in a world of inspiration, magic & creativity – delivered through workshops, coaching, a podcast, videos, a reading nook and a newsletter that keeps you in the know.

Step in, creative heart.

Welcome home.