Find Inspiration: 20 Feet from Stardom

“My life has been all about trying to make a success of the gift that I have.” Darlene Love

Every two weeks I get together with my sisters, Suzie and Shannon, for Art & Netflix. We grab a sketchbook or our watercolours, some crochet or knitting, something to create while we dig in and watch a movie together. This week we watched 20 Feet from Stardom and it rocked my creative heart and mind. This Oscar-winning documentary shines the light on the gifts and struggles of backup singers who have contributed so much to the world of music.  This film invites us to explore many significant creative questions, from the nature of talent-driven industries to what it means to stick with your passion, no matter what.

I was moved by the extraordinary gifts and fortitude of these women and struck by the complexities of each of their stories. Go on a journey with these amazing women. See what their music, their passion, their truth have to teach you about living a creative life.

“I felt like if I just gave my heart to what I was doing, I would automatically be a star.” Merry Clayton

“I reject the notion that the job you excel at is somehow not enough to aspire to, that there has to be something more. I love supporting other artists.” She added: “Some people will do anything to be famous. I just wanted to sing.” Lisa Fischer

This month many of the regular offerings at the studio are on hold, particularly the BTS and Creative Living with Jamie. This is the time between seasons when I am tinkering away in the studio, working on classes and offerings for the season ahead. While I am hard at work working on spring/summer nourishment for your creative life, I thought I would fill the studio with inspiration for your creative heart!

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