Stepping Into a New Year in the Studio

Meeting Moxie

With gentle anticipation I am stepping back into the studio for this new year! I’ve made plans and I’ve been visioning but I’m also taking a moment to notice what is here, to pay attention with the fresh eyes that come from being away for the holidays. So far I’d say January is showing up like this beautiful “cat in the hood” Moxie – full of vigour, friendliness and enthusiasm!

With so much boisterous energy around, I thought it would be good to get grounded in some of the plans and projects that are on the way! Hopefully there will be something here that piques your interest and inspires your heart! Maybe you’ll find yourself running over to take part, just like Moxie did :)

Circe’s Circle:What we create creates us.

I see it every circle. As women bring a project to work on, something they truly want to bring to life, whether it’s a fully formed idea or the barest whisper of an inkling, as they give themselves over to the creative process, more and more they tune into their deepest heart, their biggest dreams and their inner magic. I intentionally keep this group small so that there can be real connection between everyone and so that each participant gets support and attention every week. Every circle develops a unique character as the right combination of women inevitably join in. Without exception, the women of Circe’s Circle are heart-full and wise (and yes, you are just like them) and they chose to step in to answer a call to embody and express themselves fully and to offer their gifts to the world.

I am excited to go on this journey with a new group of women starting January 26th. I continue to be in awe of the beauty and magic of the women who join, by the deep learning that happens, by the soul connections that are made and by the magic that is created in a circle of love and support. If this speaks to you, please join me. You can find out more here.

A little note: I know so often we look at offerings like this and think “next time.” In case you’ve been thinking that about Circe’s Circle, I should mention that there is some possibility I will be retiring this incredibly unique program. If you want to be sure to have this experience, I encourage you to make now your time.

Beta Magic: I wonder…

Behind the scenes, I’m experimenting with a new offering that I’m really excited about. I won’t say much about it because it is the tender beginning of an idea that’s been in my heart for a long time. I hope this spark will catch fire and become something heart-warming and magnificent here at the studio.

Plus, along with resident web sherpa Kim, I’m experimenting with a way that you could bring me into your community to teach workshops like Pearl Diving or Thrive. I am SO excited about this! More to come.

The Great Tidy Up Transformation: Belonging

If you watch Creative Living Bookshelf, you’ll know that I resisted and then embraced The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Some of the ideas really took hold and I’ve decided to spend this winter season focused on tidying up! I intend to go through all that I own, keeping those things that inspire joy in me and finding them a home so that everything will have a place. This feels like a natural development on the heels of a year where I focused on and experienced the pleasure and ease of “Simple”, my word for 2014.

I’ve already started and it’s amazing the journey that your things can take you on. My workout wear brought me face-to-face with my past and how my life has changed. My jewellery boxes connected me to my lineage of women and reminded me to be brave enough to invest in beauty that speaks to me.¬† There are so many insights and stories it’s almost overwhelming! I’ll be sure to share as I go.

Writing a Book: Put it on the Schedule!

For the longest time I had no interest in writing a book. There was room for all that I wanted to express here in the studio, on the blog, on the podcast and in videos.¬† Over the past year something shifted. Suddenly books have shown up in my imagination, asking to be written. I even made major progress in one during NaNoWriMo last year. And as the ideas started to demand attention I realized I would never “find time” to take on something as big as a book. The only way to get it done would be to commit. As of this week, I have booked two mornings a week to the book(s). It’s a start and we’ll see where that opening leads!

Monthly Magazine Challenge: Implementing Inspiration

When inspiration strikes, I’m a firm believer in doing something with it! So often we read a book, an article, a magazine or we see something on Pinterest and we think, “Wow, awesome” and then we highlight it, pin it, clip it, Tumblr it and promptly forget it. This year I want to make sure that I actually take on some of those inspirations, even if it’s simply making a recipe that I found somewhere. (In fact, last night I made this and despite having a crockpot crisis and having to go to stove top, it turned out great!) I’m hopeful this challenge will add some wonderful experiences to my life this year – and maybe yours too!

Communication Clarity: Or How I Miss the Obvious

This season the big focus in the studio is going to be improving¬† communications, most notably making clear what the studio is all about, what’s on offer here and how you can take part. Over the years I (and, I know, many of you too) have become so immersed in the world here at Jamie Ridler Studios that sometimes things start to be unsaid. Like when Kim pointed out to me that I’d started calling the Full Moon Dreamboard workshops The Year of Dreams without making it clear that these are workshops and they’re about creating dreamboards! And what is a dreamboard anyway? Why would you want to make one?

As someone with a special love for working with people at the tender and brave place of stepping into something new, whether that’s creativity, entrepreneurship or being true to your self, I am committed to making it clear, easy and welcoming to take part in and be a part of the studio.

Making Friends with Machines: Or Learning to Use My New Camera

I’m wired for learning. If I’m not in the midst of learning something, I’m at loose ends. It feels like something’s missing . I’m endlessly signing up for new classes, taking on new projects and challenges. (You too, right?)

Over the past year, I’ve come up with some challenges that I find really and truly intimidating, the kinds of things that maybe I’ll end up deciding are simply not for me, the kinds of things that my mind goes blank over, where I *blink* *blink* like a deer in the headlights. It was only recently that I realized that each of these intimidating learning opportunities had something in common: they all involved the use of sophisticated machines! The first was my Learning to Sew adventure , which I started last year. The next, which I’m taking on this year, is learning to use a DSLR camera. And the last, I’ll let you know if I get to it, hehe.

Clearly there is a barrier to entry here for me. It may be that I’m just not mechanically inclined. Or maybe that’s not true at all and it’s just that I don’t have much experience. Maybe I need some good and patient teachers. Maybe I’ve got some old beliefs and fears to be cleared. Whatever it is I know that want to brave it.

And continuing…

I’m back with the Behind the Scenes this year. I’m going to have to make some adjustments but I do want to keep hanging out with you in the morning! The Creative Living with Jamie podcast will be back next week. My sisters and I will be continuing with stART: Creating as We Go and, in fact, have some fun new ideas for it too! And I remain committed to working with my practices of moving, meditation and writing each day.

My Word for 2015: Thrive

I’ve been contemplating this word and how it might infuse all of these gorgeous projects and pursuits. I think the underlying key is to be sure to tend lovingly to my vitality so that I can show up with the energy and enthusiasm to match the way that 2015 has stepped in! I’m excited and looking forward to the year ahead. I hope you are too.

What’s on your plate this month? What’s got you excited for the New Year?


  1. Rita says:

    WOW! So much brewing on your end!

    I’m still in the “wishing-wanting-but-not-knowing-how” with my very restricted resources. Really hope for a break through soon. Learning to trust to Universe with this and my whole life, as “TRUST” is my word for 2015. :)

    The best of luck with all your plans and endeavors! XXX

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