The Magic of Listening – and How to Develop It

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Over the years I’ve received plenty of feedback about my intuition, about how sometimes what I share here on the blog, on the podcast or on the Behind the Scenes addresses just what someone is going through, is exactly what their heart was aching for. This always touches me deeply because it affirms the depth and magic of our connection. And whenever someone asks, “How do you do it?” My answer is always “I listen.”

Connection is nourished with listening.

If you want to be more connected to yourself, to your loved ones, to your work, to your clients, to your community, to your art,  to your pets, a great place to start is to listen. Listen with your whole self. Listen with wonder and compassion. Listen like you don’t know what you’re going to hear.

Listen Within

Begin with listening to yourself. Come to know the sound of your own voice, the deep ticking of your own heart. To do this, spend time on your own, time where you won’t be swept up in the rhythm of the world you move in and the music of the people you share it with, time where that whisper inside of you has the chance to be heard.

Many of us find space for this listening in our journals. Many find it in going for walks and being outside. Some find it in the shower or in meditation. Sometimes, especially for extroverts, we find it in deep conversation with trusted confidants, discovering our truth only when it streams out of our mouth into a good listener’s ears.

Listening within connects us to our inner compass. It is from here our deepest dreams, our best instincts and our true voice come to life.

Listen Around

Connection is possible when you engage in the simple act of listening to those around you. So often we’re rushing through the conversation, with somewhere to go, something to do and many more conversations to have. We may complain that others aren’t listening, just waiting for their turn to speak, but are we guilty of that too? Do we listen to our spouse, our friend, our colleague with an ear to what impacts us instead of paying attention to what they are sharing about them? Those of us who are deeply sensitive sometimes stop listening when we feel like we feel we’ve got a situation or a person sussed.

Slow down just a touch and choose moments to really listen to those around you, whether it’s your friend, your dog or your barista. Exhale deeply and listen without expectation. Listen with your eyes, your ears and your heart. What do you hear?

When we listen, we create a live wire between us able to carry an electrical current back and forth. Listening makes the magic of connection possible.

Listen Through

Magic and insight awaken when we sink into listening to the reverberations of the world. Every moment, we are receiving unspoken information like vibrations singing through the web that connects us all.

Stretch your senses out and listen. Pay attention to synchronicities, to energy, to trends. With your inner ears, listen to your community, to your clients, to your kids. Listen for the underlying transmissions in your workplace, in nature, in your studio. Listen to what is being sent but not said. Listen through.

The Magic

As we grow in our capacity to listen, we develop confidence in our inner voice, we are able to meaningfully connect with others and our sensitivity to the currents that flow all around us guide our way.

When you feel lost, unsure and alone, when you are ready to deepen your intuition and your experience, when you’re ready for what’s next, listen. Discover, once again, how the magic of listening empowers us all.


  1. Pamela says:

    I love the in-depth content of this post. So much goodness here!
    Your writing inspires me and acknowledges the importance of a skill that is often overlooked in a world of constant talking.
    Sometimes a friend just writing or saying, “I hear you.” can be the most affirming feeling.

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