A World of Creative Magic: Creative Living with Jamie (eps 293)

Creative Living with Jamie Episode 293:
A World of Creative Magic

Turning creative ideas into living things is the work of a creative magician! It means finding inspiration, learning to wrangle time and so much more. I learned that (again) as I found my way to making the biggest venture I have ever created – and I hope you’re going to love it!

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Transcript Excerpt

I want to share with you something about the way my creativity works and how that’s sometimes reflected by the things that come out in the world. I tend to see all the things that want to be created through me all at once. Like, they just arrive and I know, “Oh, okay, we’re going to do that.” And what needs to take place in the material world is then I need to figure out time.

For those of you who’ve done Planning Day and for those of you who’ve done Devotion, you know this is something I talk about all the time. As artists, as creatives, we take this energy that shows up, something that wants to be created, and we move it from the ethereal realm, from the realm of air and imagination and ideas, and we move it bit by bit down into the material world, into the creative world, into the hands or the physical world where other people can see it and understand it and engage with it.

That’s a part of our job. I always think of it like the Magician card, one hand up, receiving and then one hand down, creating. We’re that kind of channel for creative energy.
There are some people that really love this idea phase, this airy phase. It’s so comfortable up there. Everything feels possible. There are a million ideas. It’s fun. It’s light. And then some people up there in the ethers feel like, “Whoa, this is confusing! I feel so ungrounded. I don’t know what to do. There are too many choices.”

Then down here in the earthly realm, some people are like, “Okay, good. Now I can do something. Now I can make a plan. Now I can use my hands. Now we’re dealing with some tangible things. I know how to do that.” And other people are like, “Oh God, here it feels so heavy. It feels so limiting. It feels crunchy. I feel so contained here in the earthly realm.”

And so each of us is looking for a sweet spot on the spectrum where we can actually bring those ideas into being. That’s a process. It’s something that we as artists learn over time and with practice. And I want to tell you that sometimes it’s really uncomfortable. There’s always going to be spots in the creative process that are uncomfortable. Often it’s that switching point. It’s that place where Air and Earth are meeting and they’re negotiating. They’re discussing with each other how much is air going to give up for something to come to earth and how spaciousness is earth going to give in order to hold what air wants to say?

And so, for me, that negotiation happens as I try to understand something in time, as I try to have a realistic view of how much can be done over what period of time.

Download BONUS CONTENT complete transcript ezine here.

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