All About the Artist Date

Every weekday morning I invite you Behind the Scenes at my studio.

Today: The Artist Date is one of the core practices recommended by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way. Today I share all about mine: what I took, what I did and where it led me.

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Plus… Today’s Good Morning Garden!

Balloon Flower Stars

I’ve been sharing these daily garden pics on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter with the hashtag #goodmorninggarden.

I thought you might enjoy them here too.

And.. My Poem

Front Yard

Scraping my knuckles

as I wrestle weeds from

between the stones in our drive,

I aspire to be

like the old men I see

house-proud, meticulous,

tending their front lawn

like a meditation

not a chore

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  1. Rene Cerrito says:

    Ohh! Jamie… I love your poem so much! What if everything we did became a lovely meditation and not a chore. I love “meticulous and house proud”… just beautiful and a wonderful way to live life! You are such an inspiration and your morning videos are like visiting with a friend. Thanks Jamie!
    … Rene

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