Three Ways to Welcome Creative Flow: Creative Living with Jamie (eps 294)

Creative Living with Jamie Episode 294:
3 Ways to Welcome Creative Flow

As creatives, we long for creative flow. In this episode I share some thoughts on how we impede it, how to work with it if you are an intuitive or intentional artist and three concrete ways to welcome it in art-making.

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Today I want to talk to you about the relationship of intention and intuition when it comes to you as an artist and you and your creative magic. Let’s go!

This weekend in my newsletter, I shared a little bit about how some of us tend to be more intuitive artists and some of us tend to be more intentional artists.

Intuitive artists are people who really love to pursue the mystery, who love to have lots of spaciousness, who need a lot of freedom in order to express themselves. They like to be in the process. They like to watch it happen. They like to pay attention as it goes and let the work lead.

Now, the other thing they do is they can get really shut down if things get too tight and too rigid. If the demands are too harsh, if the consequences are heavy, there’s just a way all that energy goes kaput. “I am not showing up. I’m not putting myself in that position. It’s too uncomfortable.”

Also sometimes they can feel a little insecure about whether they’re actually getting anywhere. They can feel a little bit like they’re just playing around and they worry that they’ll never reach a level of achievement that makes them be able to say confidently, “I am an artist.”

Intentional artists are sort of on the other side of the scale. They love to do research. They love to make plans. They love to make schedules. They like to plot things out and problem solve. Making plans and doing all that research is half the fun!

Now, their challenge can be when they don’t have some form of structure, they can feel a little lost. If things get a little loose, that’s when their energy dissipates. Whereas with an intuitive, if it gets too tight, their energy shuts down, with an intentional artist, when things get too loose, they get globby. They’re like, “I don’t get it. I don’t know what to do. I feel lost.”

Then they can start feeling like, “Oh, there must be something wrong with me. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go. I must not be a creative because when it gets into all this intuitive stuff, I just get lost.”

One of the things I’m here to say is that we, as artists, as creative souls, as creative spirits, we have access to and need of both of these energies.

Download BONUS CONTENT complete transcript ezine here.

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