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Unboxing: Spring Plants for the Garden

It’s spring in the garden and it feels like Christmas!

This year for the garden I decided to stop relying on whatever the buyer my local garden centre happens to order and instead branch out into the possibilities of what I can order online. Somehow I stumbled across Botanus, a mail-order gardening company guided by three women and three values: Care ~ Inspire ~ Grow. I signed up for their newsletter, watched some of their YouTube videos and decided I was going to give ordering a try. I wanted to share with you the excitement of opening up the box and discovering treasures within!

Here’s a list of my spring plant order – don’t peek if you want to be surprised on the video!

Acidanthera bicolor murielae
Astilbe japonica ‘Deutschland’
Astrantia major ‘Star of Billion’
Athyrium niponicum ‘Metallicum’
Cafe au Lait Giant Dinnerplate Dahlia
Claire Austin David Austin Rose
Helleborus orientalis ‘Double White Pearl’
Hemerocallis ‘White Temptation’
Philadelphus ‘Snowbelle’

I’ll be sure to keep you updated about how things grow.

In the Garden with Jamie: Spring Is Really Here!

When spring arrives I suddenly feel like my studio has grown and extended out into our backyard! It’s only been a couple of weeks that there has been any signs of green at all and now the tulips are blooming and just about everything else is sprouting – hostas, phlox, peonies, irises, my bleeding heart and more. Even the daffodils, which I had just about given up on, seem to have found their way.

I wanted to take you on a tour of the garden as it is right now, at the beginning of spring, before I plant anything new.

(Pssst… I’ll be sharing an unboxing soon of all the new plants I’ve ordered!)

In the Garden with Jamie: Delphiniums Blooming & Dahlias Breaking Ground

This summer, my garden has been a particular joy for me. Perhaps it’s because it connects me so deeply with my mom, who introduced me to plants before I could talk. She would take me on walks in my stroller and as we went through the neighbourhood, she would say, “There’s a forsythia, Jamie. And that’s a daffodil.” I find myself doing that to this day! And now I can do it in these little strolls through our backyard.

I love sharing the garden with you, both in these videos and in the #goodmorninggarden series I’ve been sharing on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.  I hope you’re enjoying going on this garden adventure with me.

Today, I get to share with you the beautiful blooms of the delphinium, the surprising arrival of the dahlias and news of Sedum Sr’s progress!

Welcome to my garden!

(See all my garden tours)

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In the Garden with Jamie: Peonies, Delphiniums & More!

Now that the peonies are in full bloom, I’m excited to share my garden with you once again. I’m so glad I took this video before the big tree fell!

You’ll also see where I found homes for my Yard Sale finds plus amazing signs of life from the hellebore! I’ll even reveal how I stole a plant back! Welcome home, Sedum Sr!

(See my first garden tour here and the next here)

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In the Garden with Jamie

The feedback was so lovely for my behind the scenes visit to my garden that I thought I would also complete the tour, taking you down the shady walkway and also giving you some bloom updates!Wait until you see the tree peony in bloom!

Walking through this part of my garden made me realize just how many plants I couldn’t name! So I’m enlisting your help with plant identification, please. Maybe together we can name them all! Thanks to Susie who quickly told me I had a spiderwort! (and I wasn’t even insulted ;))

I also have a couple of plants in need of some care so if you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them! I’m still a novice when it comes to gardening. I’ve spent the last several years building up the bones and filling them in. It’s actually kind of wonderful to feel like I’m at a place where I can spend some attention on learning to be a better caretaker too.

This month the garden has truly been my studio: a place of inspiration, awareness and creativity, of experimentation, learning and growth – plus, of course, beauty and blooms.

Maybe we’ll spend the summer walking in the garden together.

A Visit to My Garden

Every weekday morning I invite you Behind the Scenes at my studio.

Today: I ditched the first version of the behind the scenes today. It was so boring because I’ve been so sick! So instead I decided to get some fresh air and take you on a little tour of my postage stamp garden. I hope you enjoy exploring the garden with me.

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