In the Garden with Jamie: Delphiniums Blooming & Dahlias Breaking Ground

This summer, my garden has been a particular joy for me. Perhaps it’s because it connects me so deeply with my mom, who introduced me to plants before I could talk. She would take me on walks in my stroller and as we went through the neighbourhood, she would say, “There’s a forsythia, Jamie. And that’s a daffodil.” I find myself doing that to this day! And now I can do it in these little strolls through our backyard.

I love sharing the garden with you, both in these videos and in the #goodmorninggarden series I’ve been sharing on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.  I hope you’re enjoying going on this garden adventure with me.

Today, I get to share with you the beautiful blooms of the delphinium, the surprising arrival of the dahlias and news of Sedum Sr’s progress!

Welcome to my garden!

(See all my garden tours)

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  1. Pamela says:

    That was a lovely way to start my Sunday! I like your frog prince, the wave of the flowers in the wind, and the hosta blooms. It was peaceful and you do such a good job sharing it with us through video and snapshots with music. Gorgeous!!

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