Treasure Hunting: Yard Sale Finds

Yard Sale Treasure Hunting

As creatives, we love to discovery treasures.

We’re like magpies looking for sparkling beauty, creative inspiration, mind-expanding ideas and delightful photo ops!

And I found it all at the neighbourhood yard sale!


  1. Pamela says:

    It was so fun to go yard sale treasuring with you! Thank you for sharing your finds with us and the gems of wisdom like “my neighborhood was my studio today”. You are expanding my mind and senses with new ways to experience life. . . I felt like I was with a friend shopping together! Ahhh. . . the simple pleasures of summer. . . .Joy to you!

    • Jamie says:

      I am so delighted to hear that, Pamela! Your kind words made my day. I love that we shared this experience together. Yes, here’s to simple summer pleasures. I’m with you on that! ((hugs))

  2. Melbee says:

    What a lovely lot of treasure! The dogwood are lovely in winter and cut stems can be woven into baskets to add colour and you can make red twiggy stars for Christmas decorations too! Thank you for sharing.xx

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