In the Garden with Jamie: Spring Is Really Here!

When spring arrives I suddenly feel like my studio has grown and extended out into our backyard! It’s only been a couple of weeks that there has been any signs of green at all and now the tulips are blooming and just about everything else is sprouting – hostas, phlox, peonies, irises, my bleeding heart and more. Even the daffodils, which I had just about given up on, seem to have found their way.

I wanted to take you on a tour of the garden as it is right now, at the beginning of spring, before I plant anything new.

(Pssst… I’ll be sharing an unboxing soon of all the new plants I’ve ordered!)


  1. gloria says:

    Hi Jamie. Long time no see. Just popped in from Gemma’s blog who is going to do a garden tour and she gave me your address site. Wonderful garden. When you check back on your older videos, write down the names of your plants and then buy the little tags so you can tag your plants with their name. That’s what I try to do. Very nice video. Take care and thanks.

    • Jamie says:

      Hey there, Gloria! How lovely to see you. You’re so right – having those older videos is a gift! I hope you’ll take part in our Spring Garden Hop on May 24th! I’d love to see how your garden grows :) Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi! ((hugs))

  2. Paula says:

    I love this Jamie. I am definitely a novice gardener. I began with potted plants, then a friend brought over a few perennials for me. I’ve never ordered any plants online but the idea excites me. Love all the possibilities. Thanks for sharing.

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