In the Garden with Jamie

The feedback was so lovely for my behind the scenes visit to my garden that I thought I would also complete the tour, taking you down the shady walkway and also giving you some bloom updates!Wait until you see the tree peony in bloom!

Walking through this part of my garden made me realize just how many plants I couldn’t name! So I’m enlisting your help with plant identification, please. Maybe together we can name them all! Thanks to Susie who quickly told me I had a spiderwort! (and I wasn’t even insulted ;))

I also have a couple of plants in need of some care so if you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them! I’m still a novice when it comes to gardening. I’ve spent the last several years building up the bones and filling them in. It’s actually kind of wonderful to feel like I’m at a place where I can spend some attention on learning to be a better caretaker too.

This month the garden has truly been my studio: a place of inspiration, awareness and creativity, of experimentation, learning and growth – plus, of course, beauty and blooms.

Maybe we’ll spend the summer walking in the garden together.


  1. Verbena says:

    Enjoyed the tour of your garden! The little small plant that you couldn’t identify appears to be a sedum (a perennial). There are many varieties. Larger plants will start out with these lovely green (yes, green!) blooms that gradually turn pink in late summer. Leaving the blooms on the plant means that they will go through another transformation to a darker shade, almost deep red brown in the fall. The plant that you said you got from Justin’s mom appears to be a cranesbill geranium (check it out on line). Your Columbine appears to have leaf miners. The insect lays eggs on the leaf and the larvae eat their way through the leaf, leaving the “trails”. Go on line to learn more about them. Hope my info is accurate and helps you!

    • Jamie says:

      Oh, Verbena, thank you so much!! All of that is just an enormous help. I’m delighted. I so appreciate you coming by and sharing your wisdom! The minute I read sedom, I was like, “Yes! That’s it!!” Thank you!

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