This Time of Year…

Jamie & Mom High Tea

The end of June is a tender time for me. Last week was the third anniversary of my Mom’s passing and I have been feeling not only her loss but also how hard it was in those final moments when we said goodbye.

Jamie & Jinx 2007

Also, at this time last summer, we said goodbye to my dear sweet cat Jinx, who had been my constant companion for 20 years. She was quirky, loving and had an impressive meow vocabulary, thanks to my sister Shannon.

Last year, in the midst of all this sadness, I met up with my dear friend Danette for some coffee and comfort. Little did I know that this outing would turn into a brand new adventure, one that would ask me to open up my ravaged heart.

One year ago today I went out for that coffee and came home with three abandoned kittens. It was the last thing I expected and exactly what the Universe prescribed.

JRS Triplets Family Photo

This isn’t a story of easy love. These kittens weren’t tiny bundles of fur and curiosity ready to be held and stroked and loved. They’d been taken from their mom too soon, been left on their own too long and were intensely wary of people. I didn’t know if they’d ever settle in or be open to human affection. All I knew was that I was going to do my very best to help them.

It has been an amazing journey and we have all received such love and support along the way, including from all the Aunties and the Uncle who took part in Sparkles last year. With their registrations, they made sure the kittens would get all their medical care, including being spayed and neutered. Our hearts filled with gratitude.

Over the year, these three have become a part of our family: the feisty and playful Shibumi, the delicate and sensitive Scout and the handsome and reticent Escher. They have filled our house with stories, been muse to my inner photographer, immersed us in learning about love and grown our hearts exponentially.

Studio Triplets

We never know what this life is going to bring. All we can do is show up to all that is with all that we are and hope that we will rise to the occasion and find moments of meaning and love.

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