Celebrating My Mom

Mom on Mother's Day

 As I sit here in the sunshine, listening to the birds, I am thinking of my mom, who passed away 3 years ago today. On this day my siblings and I were at her side. It was not like it’s described in stories or shown in movies. It was hard and painful and we did all we could to endure and rise above and be together in love.

I miss my mom everyday. I celebrate her gentleness and her fierceness. I celebrate her unwavering curiosity and love of learning. I celebrate her artistry and her vision. I even celebrate the way she would make a face and say “blech” at a restaurant when she didn’t like the coffee, especially because on the flip side of that was the pure and open delight she would show when something was yum.

We had a bit of a hard time together at the end and whenever that makes me sad I call up my memory of her looking at me and saying, “You have a good heart.”

Thank you, Mom. I got it from you.

JRS Good Heart


  1. Pamela says:

    Such a sweet baby photo. . . I wonder what you are looking up at? Bless your mom for all her special ways of being.
    Thank you for sharing what you celebrate about your mom and also the hard parts of endings. (It was difficult and heartbreaking when my mom was in her last days, too.)
    May you feel a soft angel wing around your shoulders tonight. You are loved and protected, precious Jamie.

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