Magazines for Collage: An Arabella Flip-through

One of the questions I get most in the studio is “What magazines do you use for journaling, dreamboards and collage?” I thought I would do a little series on some of my favourites, including Arabella: Canadian Art, Architecture and Design. Let me know if you like this series. If you do, there will be more :)

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  1. Kris Bilyeu says:

    I love these flip-throughs that you are doing and I especially enjoyed this one on Arabella magazine — it’s a stunner. I made note of several of the artists and I’ll have fun “googling” them. Thanks Jamie.

    • Jamie says:

      I am so glad! Thanks, Kris. What a treat that Arabella led to you finding new artists. That has happened with me too. It led me straight to Veronica Funk, whose work I adored and whom I immediately invited to the podcast! Maybe some of these artists will come on the show too!

  2. Janet O'Connor says:

    Jamie, the flip-throughs are wonderful! I have enjoyed both of them. I have several Stampington magazines that I consider investments because of the cost. Some of my favorite artists are featured in them, so I can’t bear to part with them. Thank youfor bringing them back to light..

    • Jamie says:

      I’m so glad you are enjoying them. Thank you so much for letting me know :) You know, you could always cut out an image by an artist you love and frame it! I still remember going to someone’s office and admiring this amazing set of prints she had on the wall. They blew me away! She smiled and confided that she had framed 12 pictures from a calendar and treasured them!

  3. Bea says:

    I was watching you start to turn the pages and I wondered to myself, how long can she do that without making a comment, LOOK AT THOSE PICTURES and then you said, “Look at the colors.” and it made me giggle.

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