Journal Showdown

This week Journaling Sage Akiyo Kano, my sister Shannon and I were chatting about the journals we use and how we use them. Next thing you know: showdown! We’ve decided to share videos of our “live” journals and we’re inviting you to do the same! Below I not only share a summary of the journals I use but tucked beneath that you’ll find a spot to put a link to your own Journal Showdown! We can’t wait to see what you use how and why!

As of today, here are the journals I actively use…

For Writing

Morning Pages: I use an old-school Canada exercise book for my morning pages. Keeping the journal non-fussy really works for me and keeps me free and easy in this daily practice.

Weekly To-Dos: A composition book serves me well as the place where I list and track all of the to-dos I want to accomplish each week.

Gathering My Day: Moleskin Classic Notebook, Large, Ruled, Hardcover. This is where I gather my thoughts and experiences each day.

Working Journal: Moleskin Cahier Journal. I keep this journal nearby at all times to gather information, plan and work things out.

Idea Journal: Also a Moleskin Cahier Journal. Recently I’ve started keeping all of my ideas in one place. Random thoughts and inspirations all go here.

For Art

Doodle Journal: When I started using the Moleskin Volant Notebook, Large, Plain, Softcover, I had no idea what an essential it would become for my creative life. Sitting doodling in my notebook has been a meditation and a blessing – plus improved my drawing skills!

Art Journal: I am currently using two different sizes to keep my range expanding and the possibilities going: Strathmore Mixed Media Journal 8.5 x 11 and the Strathmore Watercolor Art Journal 8.5 x 5.5. Plus I recently started using Strathmore Softcover Mixed Media Journal, 7.75 by 9.75 and am trying to find my way to gathering my day artfully.

Collage Art: I am just about to start using a Fabriano Sketchbook like this one. for working on art pieces using collage.

Art Field Notes: I have also just bought a Strathmore Sketch journal like this one but with white paper to start gathering the creative exercises I do and what I learn from them.

For Collage

365 Collage Journal: For my daily collages I use this strong, colourful and affordable journal from DeSerres. Learn more about keeping a 365 Collage Journal here.

Everything Journal: I love using a big old hardcover book to gather anything and everything from life around me. Next year I’m going to try combining the 365 and Everything.

Dream Journal: I used a book from my bookshelf. I looked for something strong with not too many pages, that would lie flat and that could add some colour or interest.

Looking at all of these journals, I still can’t quite believe how many there are – and that I use every one!

More Journal Showdowns!

We Invite You to Participate in the Journal Showdown!

Create a video or a blog post and share the link here. We can’t wait to see how you journal!


  1. Jamie, your creativity really shines through from your ideas to keep various journals for different things. I would have never thought past a writing and art journal. Thanks so much for a glimpse into these journals!

  2. toliveinspired says:

    Love this, and good to know that there are more of us multiple journalities out there (ok that sounded better in my head lol) I usually have a 3+ going, but am inspired to do some other experiments now. And since I have a journal addiction I can put more of them to use!

  3. Jeanine says:

    Jamie, thank you for starting this journaling post. I love journals. I love seeing all the journals everyone has posted. Especially excited to see my friend SusanJOY posted here. (Hi Susan) Who knows maybe I will figure out how to post a journal!

  4. Donna says:

    Lol – love it Jamie! I love that you’re using so MANY journals…I’ve got loads I started but I don’t use them all! I used to use precious books for morning pages…BIG mistake! It’s so hard to get rid of them! I wonder…all you guys with lots of journals, what do you do with them all when they’re done? xx

  5. Dara says:

    It’s so interesting getting a glimpse of people’s process with their Journals..they feel like delicious insights into their creative journeys to me..I was especially drawn to your Art Journals Jamie..they are really gorgeous!!! I didn’t quite make it to creating a video this time, but I’ve enjoyed peaking into the ones that did. :)

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