Create a 365 Collage Journal

Collaging is one of my favourite mediums for self-expression and self-discovery. Recently I came across an old journal in which I had created one collage every day for a year. I was amazed at how meaningful and full of memories it was. I was immediately inspired to start another one and to share with you the idea so that you might, if so inspired, start one too.

PS You can now see how my new journal turned out!


  1. Rose says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I am a recent subscriber and love your work, especially the 365 page journal. I am considering starting one. Tell me, where do you get all of your images for the journal? Do you keep a folder and just tear things out as you see them or do you tear them out when you are ready to begin each day’s journal page? Just curious. I don’t feel like I have enough material to begin.

    • Jamie says:

      Hi, Rose! Welcome to the Studio. I’m so glad you’re here – and that the 365 journal inspired you!

      Because I do so much work with collage, I always make sure I have magazines from a few different subject areas, especially home, fashion and gardening. I also have a subscription to National Geographic so I always have some beautiful photography, landscapes and especially animals. I also treat myself to some of the Stampington and Company magazines, especially Artful Blogging and Where Women Create. They’re more expensive but they are rich with beautiful imagery.

      For the daily journal, I sit down and grab a couple of magazines, trusting that they’ll have something that will express today. I found if I gather tons of images ahead of time they end up stacking up and becoming simply a “pile”. Having said that, I always have at least a little pile (hehe) of images that I’ve gathered but haven’t found a home for yet. I’ll look there too.

      You can also really use things that you have around – wrapping paper, packaging, envelopes, junkmail, a page of the free paper. They will definitely capture a flavour of today.

      I hope that helps!

  2. Isabelle says:

    Dear Jamie,
    What a great idea! I have this 2014 beautiful red moleskine one-day a page planner which I did not want to throw away. I will sir this as my collage journal!
    Thank you for the inspiration and hugs,


  3. Barbara Buford says:

    Thank you Jamie for sharing 365 journal. I volunteer at the local Cancer Wellness Center. We have an art group that meets 1x a month. Different teachers and various projects. The word Art really scares folk even though we advertise no art experience needed. That being said we don’t fill our classes because folks are afraid of being quote” artists.” So the 365 project gave me an idea to incorporate the collage journal with the art program. Meeting at a different time so we can introduce the creative spirit to others and advertise the program with out using the word ART. But introduce some art journaling and collage work after we get folks in the door. Well thanks again for the wonderful idea. I will mention you and your web site the next time I teach. Your creative living is very helpful and healing for all.

    • Jamie says:

      Oh, Barbara, this really touches my heart, especially because of the way my family has been touched by cancer. One of the most powerful healing practices we did when my mom as sick was do a life-size collage within an outline of her body. It was an amazing exercise.

      I’m so glad this feels like something can be an “in” for people who might otherwise be intimidated by the “art” word. Let me know how it goes!

  4. Michaela Rosenberger says:

    I have done art journaling for a long time, in different ways, as I felt. Right now, I am exploring being present in my life, and notice that I turn away from the experiences I dislike, and want to erase or minimize them, and focus on the happy, light aspects. Going forward, this is an opportunity for me to integrate all the aspects of my life with appreciation, for my whiteness and healing. Thank you for this.

  5. Hannah says:

    Thank you so much for the inspiration!! I love this idea. I do have a question though. What type of glue did you use? Everything looks amazing, and when I glue something or looks like a preschooler did it! Help! :)

    • Jamie says:

      You’re so welcome! And thank you for being here :) I use a UHU glue stick for this and every collage project I ever do. I always have a dozen on hand. I should take out stock! I hope they work for you too :)

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks for letting me know, Marianna. I definitely use glue stick – the UHU brand. I am very averse to my images bubbling and I found this product avoids that while doing a good job at keeping things where I placed them :) I hope you find so too!

  6. Amalia says:

    Jamie, thank you. I started the New Year accidentally playing around with this idea (I collaged in a piece that says, “For today just begin” when I started my new journal on January 1). You have reinforced the idea of using collaging more routinely, and I love that!

  7. Rene Cerrito says:

    Hi Jamie… Thank you for sharing your collage journal… It is a visual feast! I actually have a whole box of images that I am looking forward to working with… I used to collage many years ago! I still collect images and words/phrases. Thank you for making this video too… incredibly inspiring! I look forward to your newsletter every Sunday!

  8. marriannad says:

    And here I am late to the party but wanting to play anyway. I watched your video interview with Susannah Conway for her JOURNAL YOUR LIFE 2016 online class. I hadn’t even gotten to your website yet before heading out to the major craft supply chain store in town and found 2 Mixed Media books marked down from $19.99 to $8.99. They are a good size as opposed to the HUGE sketchbook I have and never use. And here I come across your 365 collage journal and away we go. Thanks for the idea.
    Marrianna in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

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