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Journal Showdown

This week Journaling Sage Akiyo Kano, my sister Shannon and I were chatting about the journals we use and how we use them. Next thing you know: showdown! We’ve decided to share videos of our “live” journals and we’re inviting you to do the same! Below I not only share a summary of the journals I use but tucked beneath that you’ll find a spot to put a link to your own Journal Showdown! We can’t wait to see what you use how and why!

As of today, here are the journals I actively use…

For Writing

Morning Pages: I use an old-school Canada exercise book for my morning pages. Keeping the journal non-fussy really works for me and keeps me free and easy in this daily practice.

Weekly To-Dos: A composition book serves me well as the place where I list and track all of the to-dos I want to accomplish each week.

Gathering My Day: Moleskin Classic Notebook, Large, Ruled, Hardcover. This is where I gather my thoughts and experiences each day.

Working Journal: Moleskin Cahier Journal. I keep this journal nearby at all times to gather information, plan and work things out.

Idea Journal: Also a Moleskin Cahier Journal. Recently I’ve started keeping all of my ideas in one place. Random thoughts and inspirations all go here.

For Art

Doodle Journal: When I started using the Moleskin Volant Notebook, Large, Plain, Softcover, I had no idea what an essential it would become for my creative life. Sitting doodling in my notebook has been a meditation and a blessing – plus improved my drawing skills!

Art Journal: I am currently using two different sizes to keep my range expanding and the possibilities going: Strathmore Mixed Media Journal 8.5 x 11 and the Strathmore Watercolor Art Journal 8.5 x 5.5. Plus I recently started using Strathmore Softcover Mixed Media Journal, 7.75 by 9.75 and am trying to find my way to gathering my day artfully.

Collage Art: I am just about to start using a Fabriano Sketchbook like this one. for working on art pieces using collage.

Art Field Notes: I have also just bought a Strathmore Sketch journal like this one but with white paper to start gathering the creative exercises I do and what I learn from them.

For Collage

365 Collage Journal: For my daily collages I use this strong, colourful and affordable journal from DeSerres. Learn more about keeping a 365 Collage Journal here.

Everything Journal: I love using a big old hardcover book to gather anything and everything from life around me. Next year I’m going to try combining the 365 and Everything.

Dream Journal: I used a book from my bookshelf. I looked for something strong with not too many pages, that would lie flat and that could add some colour or interest.

Looking at all of these journals, I still can’t quite believe how many there are – and that I use every one!

More Journal Showdowns!

We Invite You to Participate in the Journal Showdown!

Create a video or a blog post and share the link here. We can’t wait to see how you journal!