stART: There Will Be Giggles

Every couple of weeks I film stART: Creating as We Go with my two sisters, Suzie and Shannon. We share our creative projects, from challenges to celebrations, and support each other’s creative lives. We hope we’ll inspire you to get creating too!

As we move further into to fall, it feels like we are all going a bit deeper into our creativity. In this episode we chat a lot about art, drawing, faces, journaling, taking classes and boo-tiquing. As always, we talk through projects and challenges from when is a project done, breaking the rules and Jamie has a special giveaway to boot.

On this episode we mention:

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  1. libsmyth says:

    Totally cracked up with you all during ‘the big one’! Thanks : ) Felt great! You 3 are delightful : )
    Yay Ridler sisters! <3 P.S. Jamie, I loved you explaining how Lynne's face exercise affected you.

  2. Paula says:

    I am watching stART in bed in our hotel room trying to contain my laughter so I won’t wake my husband! Oh I love you gals ??.
    All of your faces are so intriguing, Jamie and Shannon. Shannon, what about using a copier and making copies of your faces to cut. A good compromise?

    I hope to post my journal video once I get home and get back into my collage journal.

    Suzie, I got my feather earrings in the mail Friday just before leaving for the weekend and I love them! I will post a pic at some point on my blog and let you know.

    Thanks Ridler sisters once again for your inspiration as well as laughter . I really needed both tonight.


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