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Art Day: Target Animals

2018-02-11 Art Day

It is almost impossible to imagine that this is my first Art Day of 2018. It’s an incredibly busy time but I was up early on Sunday morning and thought, “Why not pull my paints out?” I took the opportunity to finally get to the first mixed media lesson of Carla Sonheim’s 365 course for this year: Target Animals.


One of the things that Carla said in the class was that we would learn something about ourselves, our likes and dislikes, when we worked on this project.

I think this is true with every creative work we do.

My learning with this lesson was about developing the discernment to notice when things are difficult or messy because I need better tools or I need more practice. Plus, I learned, once again, that I love working with animals!

Art Day: Drawing Together

On Sundays, my sister Shannon and I try to get together for Art Day. We work through classes or projects together, maybe try new materials or play in our journals. The real key is setting aside a couple of hours to hang out with our creativity and one another.

 Art Day Subjects

Our focus this Sunday was drawing. Each of us chose a subject to work with. Shannon’s was so sweet and small she could easily put it in her pocket to bring it over!

Scribble Owl

We did some scribbling.

blind contour owl

And blind contours.

And what Carla calls cheater blinds.

Art Day Shannon

We had fun.

photo by Shannon

To be honest, I still can’t quite believe that I can have fun drawing. It’s been the hardest of all the arts for me to get comfortable with. I’ve finally started to let go of my attachment of the results. I’ve stopped using everything I draw to assess whether I am capable of drawing. Instead, I have come to appreciate the way that drawing gives you the gift of a deeper relationship with what you choose to draw.  With every thoughtful line, you are a witness to its character.

Art Day Rain

What a perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday.

Art Day Rain 2

PS If you’re looking for some drawing inspiration, Shannon’s currently enjoying Intro to Realism with Karine Swensen offered through Carla Sonheim.

Art Day: Shapes & Stencils, Watercolours & Words

Shapes & Stencils

Every Sunday is Art Day at our house! Since the kittens have arrived, we haven’t braved a wet medium – until now! We spent the afternoon exploring a colourful watercolour lesson from Lynn Whipple and The Year of the Spark!

Watercolour Stencils

We had fun with stencils and shapes.

Watercolour Stencils

And watercolours.

Watercolour Shapes

There are about a million things we could do with these beauties!

Be True

We added words.

Shapes & Words

And will eventually string these all together.

JRS Art Day Table

I think the colourful table shows what fun we had!

Art Day Shannon

And if that’s not enough, there’s Shannon’s smile!

What will you create this week?

Art Day: When Your Busy, Keep it Simple

Simple Art Day

Every now and then a week comes along where things seem too busy for our regularly scheduled Sunday Art Day.  With both the Creative Projects Seminar and Sparkles LIVE! coming up, as well as several special events (including Shannon’s birthday on Thursday), this was one of those weeks. I sadly asked Shannon if we could postpone until next week and she was, of course, understanding. And so, I worked and worked and worked and then around 3:00, I sent her a text, “Hey, want to spend an hour creating?”

We grabbed some simple supplies, mostly coloured pencils, and projects we’d been working on and tucked in. We coloured and chatted and before we knew it, we’d had some art day fun. It was just what I needed to dive into the week ahead.

Even a little creative time makes a big difference.

Art Day: Colour Mixing, Colour Matching & A Value Study

JRS Art Day Begins

Every Sunday is Art Day at our house! This week we dove into the newest Year of the Spark lesson by Lynn Whipple.

Art Day Colour Play

We started with practicing colour mixing acrylics, using the primaries, black and white.

Colour Mixing

We mixed the secondary colours and then played with going lighter and darker.

Art Day Colour Matching

Next we did some colour matching. When we were done, I used all the leftover paint for some art journal backgrounds. I love how this one turned out.

Art Day Value Study

Next we moved into a value study, using just a light, mid and dark to create a simple object.

Art Day Still Life

I worked on my favourite mug and Shannon painted Coney, this week’s Art Day mascot!

Art Day Value Study

This simple exercise was a great practice in seeing and creating with light and shade.

An Art Days Worth of Work

It was an incredibly rich and productive Art Day!

What Are You Going to Create Today?

Art Day: Watercolour, Shapes & A Moose Mascot

Preparing for Art Day

Every Sunday is Art Day at our house! This week we dove into a Creativebug watercolour techniques class taught by Yao Cheng. We were excited to pull out the supplies and play!

Art Day Watercolour Basic Techniques

We experimented with circles and triangles, cool colours and warm colours.

 Art Day Moose Mascot

We chose a mascot for Art Day and new instantly this would become a tradition!

Art Day Table TopWe spent hours chatting, creating and having fun with colour.

Art Day Watercolour Play

Lastly, we experimented, exploring what we’d learned in our own way.

Pastel Moose Mascot

Clearly Moose approves.

Art Day: Coloured Pencils, Palettes & Artistic Identity

Art Table - Jamie Ridler Studios

Every Sunday is Art Day at our house! This year we often spend it working on a lesson from Carla Sonheim & Lynn Whipple’s Year of the Spark. This week we dove into an exploration of our artistic self, including our favoured colour palettes.  It was fascinating to see the through-lines in everything from our favourite foods to our favourite shapes and colours.

Shannon at Art Day

It was especially nice for my sister Shannon and I to be able to talk through our answers and share our artistic selves. It was fun to see where we were the same (we both put a big table as key to our creative environments) and where we are different (I choose simple. Shannon chooses complex.) Not only did we get to know ourselves better but one another too!

Jamie's Palette

This is the palette I favoured this week.

Shannon's Palette

And here are Shannon’s.

Sizing Coloured Pencils

I also drew on Lynda Barry’s book Syllabus. One exercise she gives her students is to do a lot of colouring and then line their crayons up in a row and see which colours they favour. So fun! When I was figuring out what to call my set of much-used colours, Shannon noted they are “garden colours” and that works for me!

Studio Leaf

Speaking of the garden, I popped out to try and find a plant that Shannon really enjoyed the scent of when we painted with found items last year. This geranium leaf was a contender but not the right peppery one!

Art Day Markers

Art day is also giving me the opportunity to learn to use my DSLR! Hopefully we’ll keep seeing my photos get better and better!