Art Day: When Your Busy, Keep it Simple

Simple Art Day

Every now and then a week comes along where things seem too busy for our regularly scheduled Sunday Art Day.  With both the Creative Projects Seminar and Sparkles LIVE! coming up, as well as several special events (including Shannon’s birthday on Thursday), this was one of those weeks. I sadly asked Shannon if we could postpone until next week and she was, of course, understanding. And so, I worked and worked and worked and then around 3:00, I sent her a text, “Hey, want to spend an hour creating?”

We grabbed some simple supplies, mostly coloured pencils, and projects we’d been working on and tucked in. We coloured and chatted and before we knew it, we’d had some art day fun. It was just what I needed to dive into the week ahead.

Even a little creative time makes a big difference.

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