Art Day: Colour Mixing, Colour Matching & A Value Study

JRS Art Day Begins

Every Sunday is Art Day at our house! This week we dove into the newest Year of the Spark lesson by Lynn Whipple.

Art Day Colour Play

We started with practicing colour mixing acrylics, using the primaries, black and white.

Colour Mixing

We mixed the secondary colours and then played with going lighter and darker.

Art Day Colour Matching

Next we did some colour matching. When we were done, I used all the leftover paint for some art journal backgrounds. I love how this one turned out.

Art Day Value Study

Next we moved into a value study, using just a light, mid and dark to create a simple object.

Art Day Still Life

I worked on my favourite mug and Shannon painted Coney, this week’s Art Day mascot!

Art Day Value Study

This simple exercise was a great practice in seeing and creating with light and shade.

An Art Days Worth of Work

It was an incredibly rich and productive Art Day!

What Are You Going to Create Today?

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