Treasure Hunting: My Yard Sale Finds – for $20!

As creatives, we love to discover treasures.

We’re like magpies looking for sparkling beauty, creative inspiration, mind-expanding ideas and delightful photo ops! And I found it all at the neighbourhood yard sale! With a budget of $20 I was able to pick up some great finds, from collage materials to clothing!


  1. Pamela says:

    Awesome finds, Jamie! Thanks for sharing this great and enthusiastic video. I totally enjoyed this segment on treasure hunting and seeing what you were drawn to bringing back to your studio and home.
    I don’t see many magazines at sales, but maybe I haven’t been looking for them – thanks for expanding my vision on that!
    A story is always fun to have with a piece – love the wooden items you picked up!
    I also like the fun dress a lot!
    I went to a church sale last week and came home with 3 Peanuts plaques for $1.00. One has Snoopy in a hammock with books, music playing and a root beer – it says “Genius At Work”.
    I also found 2 light bulbs for my salt lamp for 25 cents!
    While I was looking at art – paintings, photographs, etc. . . a picture of Mary and Jesus fell off the shelf.
    A lady came over and said she thought spirits were in the gym because things like that were happening frequently as they set things up. It seemed perfectly normal for a church sale and I got a smile out of it happening.

    • Jamie says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the treasures and the stories, Pamela!! Thank you so much for sharing yours too – including that “happening” – LOL!

  2. Janet Miles says:

    Love the hat and the books! Were the CDs still in them? Great finds! I always tell my husband not to go to garage sales because we have enough “stuff” but I forget about the true treasures you can find!

    • Jamie says:

      Yes, the CDs were there! Isn’t that amazing? I felt so blessed by finding these treats. I know what you mean about “stuff” though! I try now to be very discerning – and to let some things go as others flow in :)

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