Awaken the Power of Your Dreams under the Full Buck Moon

Full Buck Moon Workshop

Join me in this Full Moon practice and connect to your self, the Universe and your dreams: big and small, tender and brave, mundane and wild.

Years ago, sitting in my mom’s living room, hanging out with her and my sisters, cutting and gluing, dreaming, chatting, I had no idea that a life-changing practice had entered into my life. Who would imagine that a simple, creative activity could open up the door to my dreams? Over the years, I have developed a practice of creating dreamboards that serve both as magical manifestation magnets and also as powerful reflecting pools.  Tying their creation into the cycles of the moon adds a deeper dimension of discovery and builds our connection to the energy cycles around us.

The Full Buck Moon arrives on July 1st and asks us: What are your most powerful dreams?


Registration is now open for The Full Buck Moon Dreamboard Workshop.

Step into your power here.

PS If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s time to explore your hunger under the Full Wolf Moon.

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