The Tarot & Creativity

JRS Tarot & Creativity

This week I’ve shared some of my history with the tarot, plus flip-throughs of my four core tarot decks. It’s inspired some great conversations about cards, tarot and also creativity. Is the tarot really a resource that belongs in the studio? Let’s explore the connection.

7 Ways the Tarot Can Enhance Your Creative Life

Immerse Yourself in the Language of Images

The tarot transmits its messages through a language of images and symbols, a language that is shared with the creative arts. We can enrich our knowledge of and connection to this way of communication by contemplating the form and meaning of archetypal images expressed in the tarot, such as star, moon, chariot, tower, cups, queens and swords.

Awaken the Power of Story

Each reading of the tarot becomes a personal narrative for the subject. As the reader, you develop an ability to see connections and developments, pulling together seemingly disparate pieces into a meaningful story. As creatives, we have a tendency to do this naturally. If I tell you I see a Magician, a Queen of Wands and a sword I bet your imagination starts stirring.

Learn Structure & Freedom

In the studio we often talk about the power of combining structure and freedom in bringing our creativity to life. The tarot is a great expression of this balance. The core meaning of a card is constant (structure) and yet fresh takes reveal themselves within the context of each new reading (freedom).

Stir Your Intuition

Interacting with the cards and learning to follow your intuition’s response in the present moment is an exercise in awakening your inner senses, an invaluable tool as you pursue your creative arts.

Know Yourself

When people regularly read their cards it is often to become familiar with the trends in their life and well-versed in the leanings of their personality. The more careful attention we pay to the subtleties of our selves and the world around us, the more we can express ourselves with heart, truth and relevance.

Express Your Vision

Many people who explore the tarot feel inspired to create their own expression of the cards. Let yourself imagine what The Magician or The Queen of Cups means to you and create your own expression of these archetypes.

Take Inspiration

As you sit down to write a poem or compose a song, as you step onto the dance floor or imagine your next painting or party, start with the tarot. Pull a card and see where it leads you.

Let me pull a card for you now….

Let the Three of Cups be an inspiration for you and your creative life in the week ahead. Look to the 7 creative approaches I’ve outlined for guidance. What are the symbols here? What do they mean to you? What is the story this card is telling? What meaning does that have to you in this very moment? What does your intuition say? What words, sounds, colours, concepts emerge?

Let me know how the journey goes. I’d be delighted to see where the three of cups leads.



  1. judy says:

    Hi Jamie, although I am aware of tarot cards, I must admit that I know nothing about them. And yet, I try to keep an open mind, so I was very interested in this video!!Your enthusiasm makes me want to explore more!!

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