Tarot Revealed: The Cosmic Tarot (the deck I use most often to read for others)

Over the years I have done tarot readings at events, over email and even on the National Psychic Hotline! For a time I also had a special Tarot Coaching offering, where a client and I would use the tarot to tune into intuition and find powerful next steps. The deck that I used most often is the one I am sharing with you today: The Cosmic Tarot.

In this video, I take you through a simple flip-through of the deck so you can experience them for yourself and decide whether they might be for you. This follows a tradition I had with my sisters. Every time we would get a new deck, we’d sit down together and one by one do a reveal. What a joy it was. I’m glad to share this tradition with you.


  1. rice says:

    Thank you, Jamie! I love seeing all these new-to-me decks up close, but oh, my poor wallet…they’re so tempting.

    I’ve always had an affinity for the RWS deck, most likely because the person who gave it to me was such a good teacher with an expansive knowledge of tarot and its mythos and was devoted to this deck. It was a long time before I could appreciate the beauty of other decks–especially those that drew on other traditions–and find ones that still resonated. The most recent deck I bought, and one I have been enjoying for the past year or so is the Wild Unknown tarot. I find it interesting to use a deck with no human figures on it–changes readings in subtle ways.

    Topping my wish list now is something I only just discovered existed–blank decks on which you can draw your own pictures! I am not a graphic artist but one of my projects for 2016 is to use these blanks to collage my own oracle deck (inspired by you and your vision cards!). I was just going to use an old deck of playing cards but these are bigger and might be better to work with. Don’t know how it will turn out but am sure I’ll have fun trying…

    Thanks again for sharing and thanks also for sharing the Tarot Lady’s list of books–much appreciated!

    • Jamie says:

      What a wonderful way to create your own deck. That is a gorgeous project to look forward to. I hope that eventually you’ll share them just like this. I’ll get a cup of tea, settle in and enjoy!
      Btw, The Tarot Lady has said yes to being on the podcast! I’m so looking forward to sharing that conversation with you.

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