Join Me for a Junk Journal Journey!

When I made my first Junk Journal, I quickly became obsessed. I had finally found a way to pull together all the paper bits and bobs I loved into something tangible, beautiful and useable! Let me show you how to do the same.


In the Junk Journal Journey Course you will …

Gather: Every step on this journey is a discovery process. Gathering your materials will be not just a practical exercise but a way for you to hear the stirrings of inspiration in your creative heart.

Envision: You’ll have the opportunity to choose and explore a theme to bring to life through your junk journal so that you’ll have a focused exploration and finish tangible expression of your vision.

Create: You will create a Junk Journal that is uniquely yours, one that expresses your vision and style! 

Collage: Once you have made the basic form of the journal, you’ll continue to develop it and your theme with additional collage.

Embellishment: You’ll finish the whole thing off by adding in some drawings, doodles and embellishments – another step in personalizing your very own junk journal.

A Little Note: Don’t be intimidated by any step in this journey! There is nothing here you can’t do. Our goal is to keep it simple and doable and to have fun and grow creatively along the way. We’ll be taking our time with each step so that we can actually enjoy the process while we’re learning and creating. 

The Junk Journal Journey Course Gives You…

Five Video Lessons:  Immediate access to 5 video lessons that will take you on an an artistic journey of creating your own highly personal junk journal. With this self-study course, you can watch at a pace and a time that is convenient for you.

A Chance to Learn & Enjoy: This gives you time to get grounded and comfortable with each creative step. Plus, it gives you time to enjoy the process! After all, isn’t that what creating a junk journal is all about?

A Creative Practice: Having a focus and dedicated lessons leads the way to channeling your creative voice and energy.  With this class, not only will you gain the skill of making junk journals but you will also create your own space for your journaling practice.

You Time: Having the structure of a course can make all the difference in taking time for your creativity and bringing a project to life.  You may just be surprised at how much making your junk journal nourishes your artistic soul.

Your Unique Junk Journal: At the end of the course, if you’ve followed along and taken all the steps, you’ll have your own junk journal – a tangible expression of your creative vision and unique style!

The Details

The Details

Format: This is an online e-course delivered through a series of video lessons.

Schedule: Junk Journal Journey is a 5-lesson course that is now available as a self-study program, allowing you to work at a pace that feels just right to your journaling heart.

  • Lesson 1: Intro & Gathering on a Theme
  • Lesson 2: Assembling
  • Lesson 3: Collage Elements
  • Lesson 4: Embellishing
  • Lesson 5: Celebrating

Supplies: I’ve kept to the basics for this course but you are welcome to get as fancy as you like during your Junk Journal Journey

  • Paper Materials: such as old calendar pages, flyers, office supplies, paper bags, pages from secondhand books
  • Collage Materials: such as magazines, ephemera and, again, secondhand or old books
  • Binding: an awl, an upholstery or book-binding needle and some waxed linen thread or embroidery yarn
  • Adhesive: Glue stick and/or tape adhesive
  • Embellishment: Some pens that will work on whatever kind of paper you use
  • Tape (optional but recommended): Washi tape and packing tape or decorative Duck Tape.

Your Guide: Jamie Ridler. A journaler for decades, I am a creative living coach who has led creative workshops covering everything from dreamboards to journaling for entrepreneurs. I am also the founder of Give a Girl a Journal, a do-good initiative that brings journals to girls around the world!

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Psst…. here’s what participants have said about their Junk Journal Journey…

I jumped at the opportunity to participate in Junk Journal Journey after gleaning so many ideas from Journal Lab last year. It has not disappointed! Apart from the Typo journal my son gave me for Christmas, I don’t think I’ll ever have to use a new journal again. This process has opened up a world of creating and re-creating that will utilize all those pictures, interesting textured papers, brochures from holidays, art exhibition flyers, long kept birthday cards and much more. I now know why I have kept a paper box for a number of years. Images that I’d kept separate for my personal use apart from my art therapy studio. As an art therapist and counsellor, maintaining my personal creative practice is paramount to keeping things fresh and intuitive. It keeps my creativity alive. Junk journal will be assisting that practice.

Parts of the process required building up only to have to let go and this was part of a much bigger lesson for me. At times it was confronting, but the process itself made way for more changes to come. Each step of the way has held its own lessons. What I love about it is that it is a tool I can use in an ongoing way. The stages of gathering, assembling, binding (holding it all together), collaging,,embellishing and eventually writing offer a broad range of processes that link with many of our processes in life. It becomes a platform for working through or journaling our inner landscape, our interior. Externalising this and engaging in it enriches the participant on so many levels. Sharing in the group also enhances the learning. Thank you Jamie for facilitating more than a journal process. Alison

Loved this class! It was my first experience at Junk Journaling, something that I have wanted to try for quite a while. The lessons were easy to follow and I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone else’s interpretations! Your classes never disappointJanet

 This was such a delicious experience for me! I am a SoulCollage® facilitator (and junkie) so this process took me out of my comfort zone on so many levels. I loved the element of surprise as I assembled my pages and the many times I found myself pushing my creative edges as I attempted to ‘control’ the process so that I could envision the finished product. What a lesson in ‘letting go’! Jamie Ridler, your voice, your presence, so lovely. I viewed the videos again and again to wrap myself in your warmth. Brava! I can’t wait to see how this process informs my other artful endeavors. Sue Ann