Discover Your 7 Soul Symbols!

Our creations are at their most powerful when they spring from our unique point of view.

In this 8-lesson course, you will discover seven symbols that are truly meaningful to your soul and how they can become essential elements of the language of your art – and of your life.


In the 7 Soul Symbols course,  previously only available as a part of 21 Secrets, you will discover the words, numbers, shapes, colours, humanmade items, natural items and animals that speak to and through your creative heart.

Each lesson is an exploration of one of these realms designed to help you find the symbols with a resonance that is unique to your soul.

When you know your soul symbols, they can become touchstones and motifs in your creative work – no matter your medium!

Whether you are art journaling, writing poetry or designing your home, what you learn about your soul symbols will help you show up to the work with confidence in your unique point of view and new power in your artistic voice.

The 7 Soul Symbols Course Gives You…


Soul Symbols Words

7 Soul Symbols Numbers

7 Soul Symbols Numbers

Soul Symbols Colour

 7 Soul Symbols Human Made

7 Soul Symbols Nature

7 Soul Symbols Animals

8 Creative Lessons exploring 7 Symbolic Realms: In this self-study course you’ll receive immediate access to 8 video lessons, each exploring a new Soul Symbol realm: words, numbers, shape, colour, humanmade, nature and animals and a lesson to combine, complete & celebrate these symbols and the process.

A Chance to Discover & Explore: Each lesson is geared towards awakening your awareness of the symbols that speak to your spirit. As a part of this discovery process, you will engage with that symbol creatively, allowing your relationship to grow and deepen.

You Time: Having a structure and support can make all the difference in taking time for creative exploration.  With the structure of the course and the support of a guide, you will have the opportunity for some inspiring time for you!

A New Creative Vocabulary: With each lesson you will be both expanding and clarifying your creative soul language. You will discover meaningful symbols that will serve your art work – whatever form it takes! You will carry this with you for a lifetime.


The Details

The Details

Format: This is an online e-course delivered through a series of video lessons.

Schedule: 7 Soul Symbols is an 8-lesson course that is now available as a self-study program, allowing you to work at a pace that feels just right to your creative heart.

Lesson 1: Intro & Words
Lesson 2: Numbers
Lesson 3: Shapes
Lesson 4: Colour
Lesson 5: Humanmade
Lesson 6: Nature
Lesson 7: Animals
Lesson 8: Combine, Complete & Celebrate

Supplies: This course is designed to be both simple and flexible. The lessons require only basic supplies but can also be expanded to any and every art form that you are interested in exploring. You will need:

pens or pencils
your journal/sketchbook
a camera
a few magazines

Your Guide: Jamie Ridler. I have spent years exploring the world of symbols, from the deep decoding of dreamboards to reading the visual language of the tarot to creating imaginative works of theatre and visual art. As a creative living coach and teacher, I have helped hundreds of creatives find the core of their dreams and the truth and beauty in their unique voice. I’m here to help you too.

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