Join Me for a Journal Sampler!

There are more ways to journal than there are journalers! How do you know what’s right for you?

When I created my Journal Showdown video, I had no idea it would soon become my most popular show! I think we’re all fascinated by the many ways that we can journal and we’re looking for the mix that feels just right to us. That’s why I’ve created the Journal Sampler course.

In the Journal Sampler Class you will experiment with…

Morning Pages: What better way to start this adventure than with with Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way classic – three pages of long-hand, free-form writing that can change your life. They have certainly changed mine!

A Glue Journal: I don’t know what it is that makes a glue journal so much fun. Maybe it’s the simplicity. Maybe it’s the way it brings us back to our childhood. Whatever it is, this practice of simply choosing, cutting and gluing images that call to your heart is magical.

Fauxbonichi: Learning the Fauxbonichi style is a great way to expand the range of your journal practice. It combines elements of documenting, gathering and visual journaling too. I’ve found it a really fun way to capture my days and a delight to look back on. It swiftly brings me back to a moment in time.

Grid Planning: What if you planned your week according to your priorities? This simple way of keeping your to-dos in a priority grid will help you do just that. This is a style I’ve developed myself and whenever someone sees it, they always get curious and want to know more! I will be sharing the process for the first time in this course.

Lynda Barry’s Daily Diary: In her magnificent book Syllabus, Lynda Barry shares homework assignments she gives her students, including a particular format for keeping a daily diary. It’s a simple and creative way of gathering moments of your life. Fine tune your artist’s eyes and ears with this practice.

Collage 365: What if every day you captured your life experience not in words but in collage? I’ve been doing it for years and it has become one of my favourite ways to journal. In this course, I’ll share this creative practice with you.

A Little Note: Don’t let all this variety fool you. This isn’t going to take a lot of supplies. In fact, I encourage you to use just one journal for the whole adventure. We’re experimenting. Let your Journal Sampler journal be your lab! Once you know what you love and what works for you, then you can commit to supplies with confidence. You’ll find a small supply list below.

Before Creativity Coffee

The Journal Sampler Course Gives You…

A Weekly Video Lesson: Every Saturday you’ll get a new video lesson teaching the journal style of the week. Of course, you can choose to watch at a time that is convenient for you.

A Chance to Learn & Experiment: Each week is your chance to try on something new, to experiment with your practice and to see if there are other styles that might deepen or expand your joy in journaling.

A Creative Practice: Having a focus, a community and a schedule is a great way to support your journal practice and allow it to take hold in your creative life.

A Creative Community: Journaling is generally a solitary experience but with Journal Sampler, you’ll have a group of people learning, growing and experimenting right along side you – plus the guidance of a creative living coach! 

You Time: Journal time is your time. Having a structure and support for our practice can bring you home to it when the chaos of life threatens to pull you away. Your productivity, your health, your mood, your creativity, your loved ones – all benefit from you getting time for you. 


The Details

The Details

Schedule: Journal Sampler is a 6-week course with a 6 lessons, beginning on October 22 and wrapping up on December 2. Each Saturday, you will receive a video lesson in a particular style of journaling. Throughout the week each of us practices that style, checking in on Facebook and sharing as we go. 

Format: This is an online e-course. All class materials and additional resources will be available on our private classroom page at Jamie Ridler Studios.

Supplies: All you need is one journal, scissors, a ruler, glue stick and images. You’ll probably also enjoy having some coloured pens, pencils or crayons. (Something that won’t go through the page is preferable)

Your Guide: Jamie Ridler. A journaler for decades, I am a creative living coach who has led creative workshops covering everything from dreamboards to journaling for entrepreneurs. I am also the founder of Give a Girl a Journal, a do-good initiative that brings journals to girls around the world!

Community: In addition to our weekly meet-ups, we’ll have a private Facebook group where we can continue to be in community and encourage one another’s journal practice throughout the week. 

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