Studio Diaries: eps 2

Documenting my Fall

Over the past while, I’ve found myself not moving as much as I normally do. I’ve been stretching and strengthening my creativity more than my body and now it is time for a change. To  kick-start my return to moving and grooving, I thought I could use some structure and support so off I went yesterday on an exploratory mission to a local fitness spot.

The experience was great and as I recounted to the director how I’ve been tending (and not tending) my well-being, I knew this was just the right move. She gave me some simple tips for making a good start, from having a protein and a produce at every meal to getting up from my computer every 2 hours to do some simple but effective hip and lower back movement. Perfect.

As I walked home, I was planning a new structure to my day, imagining early morning workouts and then time in the studio for writing. I was feeling encouraged and motivated, ready to make a fresh start right away, when I slipped on a thin covering of snow on the sidewalk. For a moment I caught myself and almost stayed up. Then I lost control again;my feet slipped from beneath me and I landed hard on my hip, a hip with deep memories of old dance injuries and pain.


After that, tending myself looked very different yesterday. I lay down gently and rested, rested, rested, allowing everything in the studio to wait. I get pretty grumpy when I can’t get to it but I had to giggle when my friend Bridget responded to my plight with “My body also tries to injure itself when I mention the gym!”

Today I’m creaky but my hip is improving. I thought it wise to have another gentle day in the studio but managed to get a few things done, like cuddling with the kittens.

One of the best new routines in the studio is morning cuddles with Scout. As soon as I get my coffee, he bounds in before me and jumps on my chair, waiting to crawl into my lap for cuddles. It’s amazing to remember that just 8 months ago he was so skittish we couldn’t get close to him at all. I think he’ll always be high-strung, our Scout, but he’s also a total lovebug.

Give a Girl a Journal Stickers

It was exciting to spend some of the day packaging up journals to send to girls around the world. Today I prepped parcels for girls in Florida, Minnesota, Virginia, Ontario plus India and Australia! There’s nothing like sitting down with a cup of tea and a dream come true!

Cookies for Change

My husband, Justin, also has major changes occurring in his work life and today was a pivotal day. That made it the just-right day for cookies. Thank you to my sister Shannon who just happened to leave a package of Pillsbury chocolate-oatmeal cookie dough in our fridge!

Snow Day

Cookies, journals, change and cuddles: all in all a pretty good day.

Today’s Prompts for Your Studio…

  • What is your body hungering for? How can you give it more of what it needs?
  • If you sit a ton at the computer, set your timer and ever 2 hours get up and move.
  • Cuddle with kittens, if you can. Puppies are good too. (PS “Kittens” and “Puppies” can be terms of endearment for your grown-up furry friends!)
  • Participate in Give a Girl a Journal
  • Bake cookies.
  • Take or make a picture that shows today’s weather.


  1. Jeanine says:

    Oh Jamie! So sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you are feeling better. I understand when hubby said he wanted to start going to the Y and using the machines my body cried. So I told it not to worry, we would go to but we would do water aerobics. Now my body is happy! LOL Take care and Rest.

  2. verbena says:

    Hi, Jamie….I am enjoying the “Studio Diaries” but I must admit I miss your bright, smiling face on the BTS episodes! I am so glad the “Give A Girl A Journal” project is so successful! I am glad that my contribution helped send a girl a journal.

    Hope your hip is not too bad! And please keep those wonderful kitty photos and videos coming! They make my day!

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