Sharing Our Journal Stories: Ronna Detrick

In support of Give a Girl a Journal, I’ve invited some dear friends and colleagues to share their personal experience with journaling.

Today I am delighted to share with you the journal story of Ronna Detrick. I’ve watched Ronna’s video several times now and each time it brings tears to my eyes. Ronna has a way of getting to that deep core. Perhaps it is something she learned from experiencing her own truth on the page.

Thank you to Ronna for sharing her story. You can find her at

Give a Girl a Journal Badge BlueGive a Girl a Journal and watch her world split open.

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  1. Pamela says:

    Hmm. . . lots to reflect on here! That was so powerful, Ronna, and delivered with thought and a soothing voice. I’d almost like a copy of it to read again. It had profound wisdom.
    The thing that really made me tear up was “I am a writer because I write.” I wish I had realized that sooner in my life. I’m glad the girls who receive journals in this project will have a chance to know that.
    Thank you for your special voice and experience about journals. You really have a gift and opened my world with your insights about writing.

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