Studio Diaries: 3

Escher in the Sunshine on a Snow Day

It seems like every day in the studio there simply must be a kitten story and today is no different. In fact, I have a breakthrough moment to share. Last night, for the first time ever, Escher dropped a ball at my feet. Half offering, half invitation, it was all amazing, a big social step from our most reticent rescue. You’ve come a long way, Escherpants!

This morning I settled into writing and had a wonderful time digging into some thoughts about our creative lives and how they develop. I was noodling how our creative expression can be a kind of manifestation lab for our life. Whatever we want to bring more of into our life, we can start experimenting with in our art. Wanting more courage in your day to day? Start with being more courageous in your art! Want more spontaneity? More focus? More fun? How can you allow that energy to permeate your creative work no matter what your medium is?

If you’re on Facebook with me, you’ll know I was also getting curious about why it is we never judge our creative efforts to be enough. “I studied dance but only at the local community centre.” “I’ve never really done art, except for summer painting classes.” “I draw but it’s not any good.” Do you find yourself diminishing your creative experience this way? What would it take for you to consider your efforts enough?

Let me follow that up with the fact that I have signed up for a class I feel wholly unprepared for: Summer Pierre’s Writing & Drawing Comics E-Course! Ever since the kittens came into our lives I’ve been drawn to the idea of creating a comic.

Justin & Shibumi

Though I feel tentative about my drawing, I find myself wanting to capture all of the wonderful moments they give us. I find myself filling my fauxbonichi with moments like this.

Give a Girl a Journal Prep

My hip is feeling much better today. Thank you, everyone, for the well wishes! I’m still moving slowly and being gentle with myself. Readying more packages for Give a Girl a Journal seemed the perfect way to spend the afternoon. As I read the little notes that people often leave when nominating a girl to receive a journal I was blown away by all of the love. It is life-affirming to witness a tribe of women looking out for girls with such love and care and deep belief in all that is possible for them. May every girl experience such love and care and belief.

As I wrote, immersed in this circle of love, a song came on that always stops me in my tracks. I’ll close today’s diary by sharing it with you: Lament for Phaedra by John Tavener, performed by cellist Maya Beiser.

Prompts for Your Studio…

  • Inspired by Escher, where might you expand your comfort zone and come out of your shell?
  • What do you want more of in your life? How can you experiment with that in your creative expression?
  • What will it take for you to consider what you create to be enough?
  • Capture a moment of your day in a drawing (even if you don’t think you can draw) (especially if you don’t think you can draw!)
  • Look out for someone today.
  • Nominate a girl or sponsor a journal at Give a Girl a Journal.
  • What’s a song that stops you in your tracks?



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