Design Your Year: Planning Day 2015

Design Your Year Planning Day 2015

What if next year was the year your ideas took form?

What if next year you stepped out of the dark cloud of over-thinking and stepped into a year of purpose with a plan?

What if you had a road map for adventure, one that allows for following your nose but also keeps you from getting lost?

What if next year end you were able to look back and say, “Holy noodle! Look what I did!!”

Let’s Design That Year!

For years I’ve been designing, re-designing and re-re-designing how to make a plan for my year that was true to my heart, flexible for my soul and supported me in getting things done. With that vision in mind and a constant stream of refinements, my sister Shannon and I finally settled into something that really works. As the end of the year approaches, we set aside some planning time and go through the process of designing our year. We dream, we have fun and we get very clear on what we want for the year ahead. Even with our vastly different styles (my plan ends up held lightly on coloured cut-outs and Shannon’s is recorded, tracked and analyzed in Excel) we’ve found a process that works! I want to share it with you.

Who’s this workshop for?

Big Dreamers: Have a big dream that you want to bring to life? One that is so exciting you can’t wait to get started but so big you don’t know how to begin? How exciting – and also overwhelming! I’m a big believer in big dreams and I want you to move forward on yours next year. In this workshop you’ll have the opportunity to gently and lovingly ground that idea in an actual plan without every diminishing its grandeur and beauty. You’ll keep your eye on the big picture while working with manageable chapters each season.

Idea Generators: Have so many sparkling ideas that you don’t know how to choose, and hey, why should you have to? It sucks to let things go! The only problem is that holding them onto them all is exhausting! It’s like trying to hold a whole litter of puppies all at once – awesome but wow, you can’t do it forever! I don’t want you to give up any of your gorgeous ideas. What I do want for you is to end next year with a bunch of them that you can jump up and down about and say, “Complete!! Complete!!” This design plan allows you to make a bunch of choices for next year, to choose your personal perfect mix of tantalizing projects you want to bring to life. And the great news? Next year, you get to pick some more!

Wonderers: And what if you have absolutely no idea what you want to create next year or maybe just the wisp of a feeling that’s like a memory of a dream? Don’t despair. Let’s make next year the one where that wisp turns into a guide and then into a touchstone of your dream. When everything seems so tenuous and uncertain, it is a relief to have some structure, something to hold your explorations, your wonderings, your heart. We’ll start there and then play with the possibilities of what you’ve discovered.  Your design plan will allow you to start trying on possibilities, to live into what you’re discovering and make adjustments along the way. You’ll find more clarity with every step.

You! Wherever you are starting, whatever you are imagining for the year ahead, this workshop gives you the time, space and support to lay the foundations, to move into next year with intention, to create what you envision in the year ahead.

Designing Your Year Gives You…

  • Dedicated Time. It’s time to stop planning to make a plan and actually make one! Take the time now so you can spend next year living the life you want to live!
  • Structure & Support: You don’t have to figure it out alone! I’ll guide you through a step-by-step process. Whether you attend live or work with the recording, you have access to me if you get stuck or stymied!
  • A Repeatable Design Process: What you learn in the workshop you’ll be able to use again and again. You will leave with a useful new process in your toolkit.
  • Clarified Priorities: A plan built on the wrong foundations is not only doomed for failure but it also hurts! Your design plan will be built on the ground of what’s truly important to you – and the workshop will help you name what that is!
  • A Plan (not a Straightjacket):  You’ll leave with an intentional road map for the year ahead, one that keeps you focused and clear without being oppressive.
  • Your Word of the Year: What better time to discover your word of the year than when you’re immersed in the heart and soul of your plans for next year!
  • Peace of Mind: With a plan you have confidence in, you can let your mind rest. Knowing you’re ready to start next year with clarity, you can settle in and be present for the holiday season!

The Details

  • Webinar: Take part from anywhere in the world!
  • Date: The entire workshop is available as a recording for YOU to participate anytime!!
  • Time: You choose a time that works, dive in and Design Your Year !
  • Supplies: I’ve kept it really simple: something to write with, something to write on, post-it notes, a magazine and a datebook or calendar.
  • Price: $60
  • Special Note: When I say “the entire workshop is available” I really do mean all of it  – the video, the chat stream, everything! – so you can participate right along with the live event recording as if you were there with us but on a date and time that is best for you. Also, you can set your own pace which may be the most perfect thing for you!

Start Creating the Year You Want!

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Registration for Design Your Year: $60

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PS If you’re looking to list every to-do for every project and plot it into your schedule from now until New Years, this is not the workshop for you. We’ll be designing your year with an eye on your vision, a way to work in manageable pieces and a focus on what’s next. In my experience, the plan-it-all-in-advance approach leads to hair-pulling, anxiety and wasted effort. Life is an ever-changing mystery so our plans need to be organic and adaptable. If that sounds good to you, come and join us.


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    I’m not sure I understand the access to this class. If today is January 29th, is there any point in purchasing this as it seems I would only have 2 days to use it. Is that correct? Thank you in advance for your reply.

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