Show & Tell, Art Day & Procrastination Bunny

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning I invite you Behind the Scenes at my studio.

Today:  I got out to a yard sale and an art sale this weekend and have a few things to share, including the discovery of procrastination bunny!

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  1. Li says:

    Something I’ve always wondered, Jamie – you have been journaling in various forms for so many years, do you keep all your journals? Especially the collage ones? Because that would need a lot of space!?!?! :)

    • Jamie says:

      Hi Li! How awesome to hear from you. Thanks for the question. I keep all of my journals except for ones that hold my morning pages. Those are recycled immediately. They do take up space but not nearly so much as the books I have and ultimately I’ve decided that when push comes to shove, the journals will stay on my bookshelves and the books will be donated.

      What do you do with your journals?

      • Li says:

        Most of my journals are wordy ones and I have kept most of them. I’ve only visual and art journaling in the last year, so these haven’t taken up too much space – yet!

        • Jamie says:

          LOL! Just this weekend as I was cleaning up the studio, Justin asked me, “So… do you keep all of your journals?” “Yep.” “Hmm… wow… that’s going to really take up some space, isn’t it?” Yep, it is :)

          • Li says:

            I offer adopt the bury my head in the sand method! Haha :D
            Well, sometimes I do.
            For the ones I decide not to keep, I sometimes use them as wrapping paper or if it’s quite thick paper, I cut out a pretty bit and use it as gift tags.
            Other times I just have to be strict with myself and bin them!!!

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