Summer Inspiration Infusion

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning I invite you Behind the Scenes at my studio.

Today:  At the end of a super-productive week I am delighted to share a show-and-tell of my inspiration infusion for the summer: creative tools and inspiring magazines!

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  1. Pamela says:

    I’m smiling, too. :) And I am glad you did not follow the quote about less. More is more when it comes to magazines and you have some real beauties there! I have looked with longing at Daphnie’s and Flow a few times in the bookstore.
    There is no feeling like having a stack of books or magazines nearby – makes me giddy!
    I went to a church garage sale today and always enjoy picking up art, books, dvd’s – such low prices for the goodies! Can’t wait to see your haul!
    Our weather has been hot and humid – this week I could finally say, “oh yes. .. .this is what summer feels like. . now I remember!”
    I’m so grateful for all the summer inspiration you smiled our way!

  2. Rosie Grey says:

    Thanks so much for another BTS filled to the brim with inspiration! Oh my, your energy is so contagious and I am smiling, too! I’m always curious as to what magazines there are on the market! ? However, I always fail to do something with them other than reading and admiring the pictures… Should you ever consider to do a collage workshop, I’d be all in!!! Just as with that black journal course ? or the how you do your 365 journal, though that might be covered by the collage course, or maybe collage 101 and 201… ?

  3. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for this video! It was nice to discover new magazines. Do you know the folloring ones: Womankind, Kinfold, Uppercase. They are also really beautiful!

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