Keeping a Gardening Journal

Now that spring is truly here, I find that my studio extends right out into the garden. I still can’t quite believe how gardening has crept up on me as an interest.

The seeds were planting when I was young and my mom would walk me in the stroller and as we’d pass things say, “Oh, there are some hyacinths.” “Look at that forsythia. Isn’t it pretty?” Now I find myself insisting my husband walk around our little patch so that I can do the same with him. “Oh, honey, did you see this? That’s a hydrangea.” “Look, the tulips came up!”

Now, as I tend to my own garden, perhaps the most significant thing I’ve learned is to stay with and believe in larger projects, to trust that little by little with care and effort, things will develop and grow. This gives me a sense of peace, hope and patience – which is particularly great because the latter is not one of my best qualities!

As I admit to myself that gardening has simply and surprisingly become a part of my creative life, I was delighted to find a way to combine it with another favourite creative practice: journaling.


  1. Jessica says:

    I was having such a grumpy morning today until I watched your lovely video. I have a sort of gardening notebook, but I had never thought to put my plant tags in it as a record, what a great idea. My area received several inches of hail a few days ago and the garden is in such a bad state. I was really feeling overwhelmed about the work still to do and my ruined plants this morning but now I can’t wait to turn my notebook into a journal and reflect on all the improvements I have already made instead of grumping about the “still to do”. Thank you for your inspiration.

    • Jamie says:

      I’m so glad that I could help combat the grumpies! Enjoy exploring your garden journal. I am celebrating with you all of the improvements you’ve made!

  2. Helena says:

    I was in my garden yesterday and t reminded me that there are things I’d love to do with it. Perhaps this is the key.

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