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Today: Thinking about the threefold way of creative listening and its similarity to honouring the work and practice, projects and performance.

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  1. Dawn Herring says:

    I love that threefold approach of practice, projects and performance. and listening is so vital. I’ve kept a journal to listen to my thoughts for many a year as well as doodling which helps me honor my day visually with words in design. I recently revealed a project I worked on over the summer which is now available on my website, so I’m excited to share that with the world. (Coloring pages! with Prompts!) I’m also sharing my thoughts on my new podcast, Refresh Daily (with Dawn Herring). This topic on listening and with the threefold approach seems rather timely for me right now. Pacing myself and only doing the work at proper times to give myself space for quiet as well as other personal creativity is important to me while I’m in the midst of another project I’m still in the works with. Thanks for the encouragement, the community and your gentle nudge in the self care direction.

    I’ll be listening even more deeply…
    Be refreshed,

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