Caturday: The Kittens Find Their Voice

When we discovered the three abandoned kittens that would come to be ours, they were the quietest cats we had ever encountered. It seems that wild cats don’t meow. In fact, the meow seems to be a sound that is specifically for communication with humans. Having been alone most of the time, our three didn’t develop that tendency. The occasional mew would erupt at dinner time when they were kittens, particularly from Shibumi but generally, they were quiet.

Honestly, it was a blessing!

Now each of them seems to be developing a language of their own.


Escher has this sweet chirrup that bubbles up when he’s full of excitement, running up the stairs or getting the kitty crazies.


Scout has this languorous, dare I say, whine that is generally a desire for attention and a little meh-meh when he wants to play.

Shibumi has rather a harsh meow, being the bruiser that she is. More recently she’s adopted a kind of adorable breathy grumble when she brings her ball and says, “Playtime!”

Even though we thoroughly enjoyed our years of quiet (especially after our late Jinx’s insistent early morning meows), it is actually nice to see that they are trying to communicate. Our relationship is building every day. Meow!

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