Creative Living with Jamie: Janice MacLeod

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Creative Living with Jamie (episode 270): Interview with Janice MacLeod

Discover what author and illustrator Janice MacLeod says is the multivitamin for your creative life! This practice led her from her job writing advertising copy to her life as an artist in Paris – and it’s one you can start today!

Janice MacLeod, the illustrator and author of the New York Times best-selling book Paris Letters, was born in Canada and worked in advertising for many years until she decided to slip away from corporate drudgery and spend time abroad. During her time in Paris, she painted letters about her travels and mailed them to friends, who encouraged her to sell the personalized illustrated letters on Etsy. Since then, Janice has sent out thousands of letters to fans worldwide. She has also released a second Paris-themed book called A Paris Year, an illustrated journal of her life as an artist in Paris.

Connect with Janice MacLeod

Etsy Shop: Janice MacLeod Studio
Books: Paris LettersA Paris Year
Facebook:  Janice Macleod

Remember, Janice has generously offered to give away a Paris letter to 3 lucky listeners!

Listen in for how to win! The contest deadline is October 22, 2017.

The moment Janice receives her first copies of Paris Letters!

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  1. I am even more committed to my journaling~ not only is it healing (I’ve created a Healing Journal, as a way to work through my grief), but it’s also allowing me to explore the ideas that have swirling around in my head and heart for so long. I know my husband, John, that has recently passed, is saying to me , as he did when he was alive on this earth, “Did you write today?” He knew how important it was to me. ❤️

  2. Nancy McEwen says:

    I am going to create a [or more] cray pas [3″ x 4″] each day to keep my creativity flowing…. even if I hate the one produced!

  3. ilana says:

    A multivitamin for a creative life! WOW that was just the best description EVER! I used to take this vitamin daily (or close to daily) but somewhere when life happened too much too quick instead of keeping on taking it I didn’t. I really felt the loss. For some time I didn’t realise what it was but when our family relocated to New Zealand a few months ago and I found myself in this new way of life I started longing for my journal. It feels strange to be writing more often but it’s good and listening to this made me realize that I need to commit to “taking this vitamin every day again” so that is what I’m doing. Daily Journal Time in which ever shape or form – to write down the thoughts and the moments! Thank you to your both for sharing this conversation!

  4. Johanne says:

    My multivitamins are writing and sunshine. I will write a minimum of 20 minutes in the morning and set out for a walk (long or short) 3 afternoons a week. I am physically active in other ways, but walking works best to help me through the process of pushing me to be more creative in my artwork.

    I loved Janice’s enthusiasm for her work and life! It’s a great reminder of the importance of being true to one’s desires.

    Note : I sketched in Paris a few years ago and it was truly a time filled with magic.

  5. Cathy says:

    Great interview Jamie. I am taking a really BIG leap toward my creative journey this week and am heading to California for a live artists retreat. It is completely outside my comfort zone but something my heart is yearning to do. As Brene Brown says, you can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you can’t choose both. This week I am choosing courage. Wish me luck. Thanks for the opportunity to win a Paris letter. What a treat that would be. Hugs!

  6. pswelter says:

    This was so inspiring I went right out and bought A Paris Year! I’m enjoying it from the first Bonjour page. Thank you for offering us a free Paris letter. Such a delightful idea!
    I need to take the step to call a self-publishing company so that I can begin the process of bringing a children’s book to life. That’s what I plan to do with the new moon. Make the call and get an appointment set up. Deep breath. . . I can do it.

  7. JenM says:

    Loved this podcast Jamie, I finished A Year In Paris only a week ago. My commitment to my creativity will be… if it scares me I will do it anyway. Started that one this morning when I interviewed an artist on Zoom for a course I am doing. I made it through! I too will be starting my morning pages again and a 20 min walk each morning before work. Good luck to us all 🙃

  8. cabroschat says:

    Oh my gosh. What an inspiration Janice is! First thing I’ve done is to run to Amazon and order both books. Can’t wait to taste every little morsel they have to offer. And then…oh my! I quit my job. I actually quit my job of 16 years because I know I have more ways to inspire others and feel inspired myself. And earn an income. Janice reminded me that when our heart is engaged, even the “simple” tasks of creating can manifest huge results. And make a difference in the world. Thank you Janice and thank you Jamie.

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