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On Tuesday & Friday mornings I invite you Behind the Scenes at my studio.

Today: It’s good to be back in the studio – and to the first Behind the Scenes of the season. Diving back into our regular routines, it’s all too easy to sink into familiar patterns, even if they don’t work well for you! Instead, stop and include your self and your dreams in the mix.

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  1. scr4pl80 says:

    Love your earrings. Looking forward to seeing how your reno goes. Hope you are going to take lots of before and after pictures! Also looking forward to the Awakening class. I did send in something for the neighborhood. Hope it made it to you! Welcome back!

    • Jamie says:

      Aren’t they wonderful? Shannon gave them to me as a gift! This is my first time wearing them :) I’ll be sure to share much of the reno adventure. I’m so glad you’re joining me for Awakening. We’re going to have such a good time. And thanks for being here this week. It’s been so lovely to feel your presence.

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