It’s Time to Awaken!

There’s a fire that comes alive when we dance.

Do you remember it? How it feels to move your feet joyfully on the earth. To sway your hips and roll your shoulders and sense the heat of your blood coursing through you. To wiggle and rumble and toss your hair to the wind. To open, to breathe, to move, to flow – to come alive.

“To dance is to be out of yourself.
Larger, more beautiful, more powerful…
This is power, it is glory on earth
and it is yours for the taking” 
Agnes De Mille


We come alive when we dance.


 Dance isn’t just for the select few. There’s no audition, no test, no judgment. 

Dance is for all of us – including you!

Yes, you. 

This February, light the fire that burns so brightly in your heart. Dance in your own space. Dance in your own way. Dance in your own life.

Dance your way to life.


This season let Awakening remind you
that you were born to dance.

Awakening Gives You..

Daily Prompts to Awaken Your Inner Dancer

Your Daily Awakening emails throughout this 28 day e-Course will give you:

  • 28 Songs for Daily Dance
  • 28 Prompts in your inbox to invite you into your Dance Practice
  • 28 Days of encouragement & inspiration for bringing your Inner Dancer to life.

A Commitment to Your Body, Heart & Soul

It takes 21 days to establish a new habit. Imagine what it will be like when for 28 days dance becomes a part of your daily life!

As you engage in expressive movement every day, you will invite your body, mind and spirit to come alive.  Each day you will shake off the dust and doldrums of dormancy and remember the fire within.

This not about learning choreography or following along. This is discovering how your body wants and loves to dance.

A Supportive Structure

Establishing a practice is always a challenge. With Awakening, you will have a daily structure plus an encouraging guide to support you in dancing each and every day.

A Creative Community

Though you will have utter privacy, you won’t be alone.  You’ll be a part of a group of creative hearts who are all on this journey to bringing their inner dancer to life.

Healing & Self-Love

Many of us have art wounds when it comes to dancing, myself included. It took me time to dance out the hurt. Each movement was an act of healing, defiance and reclamation. Each movement brought me back to myself.  Let Awakening allow you to embrace and explore your inner dancer, to heal any wounds she carries and to let her beauty, power and grace become a part of your every day.


The Details

The Details

Format: Awakening is a 28-day daily prompt e-course.

Dates: We start February 1st and run to February 28th,

Time: Each prompt can take as little as 5 minutes or extend into the way you live your day. It’s up to you how dance will infuse your life during our 4 weeks together.

Supplies: All you need is the ability to receive email and to play audio/video. As always in the studio, something to write with and something to write on will also be useful.

Your Guide: Jamie Ridler. I have been dancing my entire life – as an exuberant toddler cavorting joyfully while my grandmother played piano, to a young woman wholeheartedly immersed in ballet, tap and jazz studies to a movement director for theatre. Most recently I performed at the Luminato Art Festival in the internationally acclaimed Le Grand Continental.

Community: We will have a private Facebook group where we can be in community and encourage one another’s journey.

Important Note: You are the best keeper of your body’s precious health. Please consult with a doctor about taking part in physical activity and gauge your participation accordingly.

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